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bad haircut !!?

k, so i recen'tly got a really bad haircut! i don't want to be seen with it out in public. i got really short choppy layers im thinking of tying it p everyday until it grows out... any other ideas?


and i don't want to get it cut any more cause i want to let it grow out like it was before..

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    I hate when that happens. Do you own a flat-iron? Try to straighten your hair and wear a side-part.

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    It's never easy to deal with a bad cut. Go back to the salon. Have a manager fix it for you. Then have her/him show you new ways to style it until you can grow it out to your desired length. Invest in some product, cute clips and headbands if you are still not happy. Good Luck!

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    i've got hated each haircut I have been given, different than one yet that grew to become into like 4 years in the past. i are not getting my hair shrink that in many cases so i assume i could say each 6 months or so in step with how lots harm I do to it o.O

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    ooh that happened to me in the fourth grade. what i would do is i wouldn't go back to the place that messed your hair up in the first place. they might mess it up again. i would go to a different salon or hairdresser, maybe get some reccomendations from your closest friends, and tell them your situation. I usually go to the salon in JC Penny's, they do a good job. but until then you could try putting it up in clip and when you put your hair up spry it ith hairspray or gel.

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    Go with the 'inverted bob' - it's the hotness now. Katie Holmes, Rihanna, even that freaking Tila Tequila has it. Go for it! Shorter hair is in baby!

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    Headbands, cute barrettes. Also, you can ask the stylist to fix it for you. Stylists want their clients to love their hair, and I'm sure he/she will be happy to touch it up for you.

  • keep tying it back til it grows out..

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    wig, extensions,hat

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    go back to who cut it and say.. i honestly hate this.. then maybe they could help u out and maybe u could get extensions.. a weave? idk. butim soo sorry

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