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A four week old puppy, orphaned.?

I have this friend who (dumbly) did not spay her dog. You can guess what happened. However, out of 6 pups, 3 are still alive. I have one, and another person we know (a stay at home Mom) has the other two.

I know from being a trainer roughly what to do in, say, 3 more weeks, but I'm a little uncertain right now. I told her she had to pay vet bills for the tike and was otherwise to be held as legally responsable as I can make her, but I am caring for him. He goes this weeked to the vet for a well puppy exam, wormer, and shots. He is on Royal Canin BabyDog and loves it. No interest in a bottle. I have a small kennel for him, as well as a pen and puppy pads. I have a 3 year old male GSD/Dobie mix and a 1.5 year whippet/something mix. They are well trained, and have even cleaned him a bit. I've been watching very close. Any advise would be very much appeciated. I've never been around a puppy this young. I anticipate very little sleep, and a lot of holding. Thank you very much


I forgot to mention breed, if it matters. Mom is a Bull Terrier, like the target dog or Spuds Mackenzie. Dad was a APBT. I happen to be on the side of the fence that fights for bully rights, which was why I snached him up. The other lady used to breed pits (for good temperment), so I trusted her. I know that where I am, St Louis, is a dangerous place for a good little bull dog, so I didn't want him lost. Not that I think she would have let it happen...but when your favorite breed is in trouble, what else can you do?

Update 2:

Okay, to clear one thing up. I did kinda dance around the fact that the mom killed and mostly ate the other 3. Hence, the orphan part. The cute in a sad way thing, is he is having a nightmare right now. Lots of crying with lil tears. Belive me, if mom could be with them, I would have insisted.

Update 3:

Yes, the mom killed. Not sure why, and we are working on it. I am a dog behavorist, but I've never met the dog. I'm not close to her, but right now I blame her. As far as formula, that's what the Babydog kibble is, it's kibble thats a little soft (think cat food, kinda) that takes to water well, but is made just for pups. Like a whelping formula.

As far as socialization, I have 2 of my own dogs, and I teach puppy class at my Petco, and this lil tyke will be at as many as I can take him to. Once he gets his shots, I see dog parks in his future. Quiet dog parks, with people who are educated about pits...and there is such a place.

Update 4:

I have a bearded dragon, so I have heat lights down to 75 watts. Should I set the pup up in a similar way? I have a 20 gallon long that would work. Heh, kidding. I have a large travel kennel I can take the top off of thats for my 60 pound dog that will work.

When he is asleep, he will start crying, then stiffen his little legs and shake a bit, and then move, like he is running crying the whole time. Am I right in assuming these are nightmares?

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    The pups at this age need to eat every 4 hours. The pet store, Agway carry "milk replacer". You can get it in cans or powder. Follow the directions for feeding. You can try the pup on Gerbers Mixed cereal made soupy with the milk replacer. I usually grab a towel and hold the pup the first time or two until they get the hang of eating out a bowl. You will have to dip his nose in it but don't drown him! If you want to go directly to the puppy food you can. You either have to soak it, again soupy, or you can use a coffee grinder to grind up the dry food then mix as above with the cereal.

    If you have a box he can't get out of, hang a heat lamp ( 150 -250 watt - forget the lowest they make) on one end so that if he gets cold he can migrate to the heat. Make sure he can get away from the heat. You don't want to cook him!

    Pups at this age sleep alot. Crying incessantly, panting, stiffening are all signs of distress.

    By 6 weeks I want my pups all on the dry puppy food but I do still moisten it so it's softer but I don't have to grind it as long as the kibble isn't huge lumps.

    Hope this helps you a little and good luck. Such a shame. These little guys have a hard enough time surviving without mom trying to do them in.

    Don't forget you need to clip nails and worm. Worming shoud be every 2 weeks. First puppy shot at 8 weeks - no Lepto at this age. Use to be 6 weeks but they are finding out the maternal antibodies are interferring manking the vaccine useless.

    Source(s): Am I right in assuming these are nightmares? I SURE HOPE SO! Not being there to obseseve the pup for myself, it's a judgement call. Bear with me as I am just getting the hang of posting a follow up. Hope all is still going well.
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    If you've had this very young puppy anywhere on the ground off your property, then I'd have to suspect this could be the start of Parvo (Google it for symptoms - it's all there) If not, then this is probably just a mild tummy upset. If dogs do something as simple as eating too fast, it will 'bounce'. Unlike us, dogs vomit things back quite readily. If she took any of mum's first milk, she should be protected however, and although vets will give an initial shot by around 6 weeks, I'd suggest 4 weeks is too young for any vaccination to take. Talk to him. And in any case, IF this puppy is sick, there's no way she should be receiving vaccination. And yes, it most likely is worms - don't buy otc wormers. They don't work. Get her to your vet for a health check, to be weighed so you get the correct dose, and for an appropriate worming med. Again a sick puppy shouldn't be wormed until back on track. ps For future reference 'mother died' is the oldest excuse in the book for a BYB to offload the puppies they have produced and should have reared themselves up to 8 weeks. It's actually illegal to send a puppy into the world younger than 8 weeks. Add - Right now, don't let her be around any other dog - even healthy dogs can walk infection back into your home if they are being exercised off your property. And get people to wash hands/remove shoes before handling/seeing your puppy too. We can walk infection like Parvo. in too much as hopefully mum had been boostered before mating, and had immunity to pass on to her puppies via the colostrum.

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    i think you can ask some local breeders in your area for tips...or the shelter.

    that dog's gonna need his siblings to play with and learn good social skills...can you not somehow keep the 3 dogs together until they're older? maybe you can keep them all at your house and the stay at home mom can come over and help out a bit, or vise versa.

    its just 4 weeks old is really young for it to be by itself like that.

    im not sure, but i'd talk to your vet, a breeder, and a shelter.

    good luck! sounds like you're doing great.(:


    wait, the mom KILLED? is the mom still alive and with your friend right now? if so she needs to take that dog into an animal behavorist...that's very unusual behavior for a dog.

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    aww poor thing!!

    and your friend is inhuman. seriously. I have 9 Puppies to take care of, and she couldnt even do 6? Pathetic is all i have to say. I hope you turned ur shitty friend in.

    But you do need to still feed him puppy formula, He might not want anything to do with it because its not like his mother, But he still need the nutrition in the food to be healthy

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    You need to make sure you have puppy formula. I would also get a heated blanket of some sort. Make sure to give it plenty of attention!!

    Good luck(:

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    Sounds like you are doing a great job ..Your next step is to talk to the friend about spaying ..Keep up the good work..Maybe you need to take the mamma too so they can still be with her til they are older ..

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    Why on earth is this puppy away from its mother? It is not old enough to be separated from mom and litter.

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