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can STD's be transmitted through something besides sex?

i.e. urine, kissing, touching, etc.

im wondering cuz i heard that kissing doesnt spread STD but some told me that it does. and ive also heard u can get STD's from simply yea. im also wondering if STD's can be transmitted through oral sex.

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    Absolutely! There are STDs that are transferred through bodily fluids (though not really saliva) and there are STDs that are spread through skin on skin contact.

    The fluid based STDs such as HIV can be passed through open cuts, shared needles, etc. but they have never been proven to transmit through kissing or saliva.

    The skin based STDs such as herpes and HPV can be passed through heavy petting and genital contact even without intercourse.

    Can an STD be passed through oral sex? Yes, not the fluid based STDs, but the skin based. You can get HSV1 or 2 from oral sex. HSV1 is usually oral (cold sores) but it is commonly transferred to the genitals. HSV2 is usually genital, but can sometimes be transferred to the mouth.

    HSV2 on the genitals is the most likely to cause an outbreak followed by HSV1 orally. HSV1 on the genitals causes outbreaks but not as bad, and HSV2 in the mouth rarely causes more than one outbreak (if that.)

    It is incredibly rare to catch an STD from a toilet seat. The bacteria dies very quickly after it leaves the body, so you don't have to worry about that!

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    STDs can be transmitted thru oral sex---use saran wrap for oral sex---no nasty taste like a condom and convenient for men to use on women---some STDs can be caught from toilet seats---i kn ow trichomonis can because it is a bacteria and bacteria travels---try to stay away from public toilets---if u have questions u can always call ur local health dept---also the health dept will give u free condoms

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  • Nancy
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    Really, if one person has a cankersore and has oral sex with your genitals they can spread that form of herpes to your genitals. No joke. And vice versa. If there is the herpes virus present on genitals and the other person is having oral sex they may contract herpes from the infected genitals. Many other STDs though need that internal contact to be able to transmit the disease properly.

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    ok the problem is we in the medical world have to try to get across that sex is not just intercourse it is also heavy touching and kissing or even feeling down "there". lots of urine to contrated STD or 2 gallon of saliva, blood , sex fluids.

    go it a place and get tested.

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    Std's is only transmitted sexually . Unless he or she has a cold sore. Then you will have a contact of Herpes Simplex 1. So if he or she have std's oral sex you are in the safe.

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    you can contract STDs by even getting blood in your eyes, basicaly anyway blood can get into your blood stream.

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    it depends, its rare but i guy can touch himself and if he has pre *** or anything and then touches you, you can spread stds that way.

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    std=SEXUALLY TRANSMITED meaning u get it thru sex

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