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who are your favorite piano players?


seriously mike? thats awful

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    Since this is Jazz, my two favorite piano players of all time are Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson.

    Tatum, blind in one eye and half blind in the other, dazzled the world with the most amazing speed - a definite influence on bebop. Even a classical piano giant like Vladimir Horowitz went to watch Tatum. Rachmaninoff said Tatum was the greatest piano player in any style. (Fats Waller, who was once playing at a show, saw Tatum walk in, got up and said "I only play piano but tonight God is in the house). From Count Basie to Kenny Barron have called Tatum the best ever.

    Peterson, who just died, very much was influenced by Tatum - the giant (his hands were huge) could play complex rhythms that were just amazing. He played with everyone, although he had a hard time playing in front of Tatum - and later called Tatum the greatest jazz instrumentalist of all time.

    As for today, my favorite player is Michel Camilo, the great pianist from the Dominican Republic. A worthy successor to Peterson.

    One more note - no one has done more to educate the public about the great jazz piano players then Marian McPartland. She has interviewed pretty much every great jazz pianist of the past thirty years, and performs in duets with them (as well as letting the pianist play solos) on her NPR show Jazz Piano.

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    Art Tatum was superhuman

    Michel Petrucciani was really tasty

    Oscar Peterson (RIP) owed a lot to Tatum but was brilliant in his own right too.

    Herbie Hancock can play nearly anything

    Jason Moran is a really cool contemporary pianist

    Dave Brubeck isn't a breathtaking soloist, but his compositions and chord work are fantastic

    Chick Corea has played some mindblowing solos

    Keith Jarrett can play an standard inside out and always sounds fresh

    Bill Evans, wow! Everything he plays is perfection

    McCoy Tyner created a perfect contrast to Coltrane's playing

    Kenny Kirkland was a fantastic player - check him out on Branford Marsalis - Requiem

    Stan Tracy - as resident pianist at Ronnie Scott's in London he played with so many of the greats, and is fantastic

    Brian Kellock - incredible Scottish pianist

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    I agree with Crazy3rboy about Telonius Monk and McCoy Tyner. I also like Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson and Duke Ellington.

    I would like to add a player who is lesser known in North America: Michel Petrucciani, who sadly, died at a young age in 1999.

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    Early influences that struck me as a kid had to be George Gershwin. (Rhasphody in Blue was the first song I remember hearing) As I hit my teens I found musicians like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Errol Garner, and Fats Waller impose Swing. Then I dug myself into bop pianist like Bud Powell, Art Tatum, andThelonious Monk and the list goes on and on. This is just in the experimental realm of jazz which is part of every artistic fabric we learn from. I hope this has been helpful.

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    James R is right on! M Camilio is a monster.. not sure of the spelling, but a friend turned me on to his playing about 5 years ago.. Michel Camilo or something like that. I have the cd is my collection somewhere. Good knowledge James! Good choices too.. Tatum and Peterson. Peterson had a stroke a few years back and had limited ability with his left hand,but he kicked butt.

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    Bruce Hornsby

    Elton John

    Duke Ellington

    Oscar Peterson

    Donald Fagen

    Billy Joel

    Tony Banks (Genesis)

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    here are but a few (a nice baker's dozen, to be exact):

    Ron Burton.

    Jaki Byard.

    Alice Coltrane.

    Bill Evans.

    Barry Harris.

    Andrew Hill.

    Keith Jarrett.

    Lonnie Liston Smith.

    Sun Ra.

    Sam Rivers.

    Matthew Shipp.

    Cecil Taylor.

    Mal Waldron.

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    Herbie Hanock

    Cantaloupe Island, CHameleon, Waterwelon Man are all unbelievable

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    Axl Rose? He plays piano?

    Oscar Peterson

    Glen Gould

    And If you haven't seen / heard Victor Borge, do it now.

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    Jim Brickman

    David Lanz

    Jon Schmidt

    I used to love the piano with my soul, but after damaging my brain, it's too hard, sounds bad, and makes me sad. : (

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