heavenly sword enemies?

can someone give the full list of enemies in the game heavenly sword?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The enemies in Heavenly Sword really aren't named.

    But I do remember most of the enemies from memory and what they look like.

    There are the Ninja women that wear blue clothing that execute mainly light attacks and they use very small swords

    There are standard soldiers that mainly use medium attacks and use swords

    There are the really big soldiers that have armor that use mainly heavy and medium attacks and they use a very big axe

    There are the the big bear looking beasts that use their claws for attacking and they use mainly heavy and medium attacks.

    There are the archer soldiers that mainly use bow and arrows. I think that they also use swords for attacking as well, but they don't engage in any hand-to-hand combat unless you approach them or hit them first.

    Bosses in the game:

    Flying Fox

    Bohan's son ( the really fat guy, I can't remember his name)


    The Woman with the forked tongue that resembles a snake

    Source(s): I have Heavenly Sword
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