Does eating sweets before dinner truly ruin your appetite?

I think it's all in our heads. I'm a swimmer & I've never had a problem with eating, lol. But I've never really put much thought into whether what our moms have told us all our lives (about ruining our appetite by eating sweets before dinner) is true or not. Does anybody have any good input on this? If you believe, or know for aa fact that it's true, why is that so? Of you know of anything related to that, please let me know; and of course if you don't agree, like me, I also want your input & a good reason. Thanks.

PS. If it's true, is it because so much sugar gives us a lot of energy & makes us feel satisfied momentarily; or because it makes us want more instead of the food, which may "taste bad" in comparison? Just some thoughts for you guys to go off on. :]

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    Well it doesn't truly ruin your your appetite but if you are dieting and eat one hard boiled candy about 50 calories half an hour before you eat it will surely curb your appetite and you will not eat any many mashed potatoes or gravy, quantity will go down maybe not even want a sweet dessert.

    Some years ago I managed to lose 30 lbs by doing that very thing but it took 6 months. I read it in Reader's Digest Magazine. Even now, if I'm going out for dinner and don't know exactly when I am going to eat then I will have a mint.

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    I read about a study done once in a parenting magazine or maybe yahoo. They claimed that eating or drinking sweet things during dinner will make a child feel full and thus they would eat less. It recommended giving kids fruit juice between meals, not with and saving all fruit for the end of the meal. I don't really know if it's true or not but it was interesting read and now I do make it a point not to give my children juice or fruit with a meal, but instead save it for after or as a snack inbetween. My kids are good eaters so I'm not sure if it's made a difference or not.

  • 4 years ago

    Nonsense! Eating dessert before dinner makes you lose your appetite for dinner. Nothing is really lost there.

  • OK, so its not the sweets. it s anything that you eat before dinner. If you are hungry and dinner is in 10 mins (for example) and you have a sandwich or an apple then you will not eat all of your dinner. Being that you have begun to fill your tummy. So its anything that you eat. Also, maybe your parents are just saying that because they don't want you to eat sweets?

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    Its true because my mum told me so. We all know mum knows best

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    I think so

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