Knife throwing?

Can someone provide me with any links to knife tossing technques.

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    I don't know of any links, however the basic technique is pretty simple. When you start out, it's best to use inexpensive throwing knives, because there's a good chance they'll get dented or bent when you first start learning.

    First, take two steps away from your target, that'll give your knife about 1/2 a revolution in the air when you throw it. So hold it by the handle (properly released the blade should contact the target). Try not to throw hard when you start, just focus on what kind of revolutions you're getting. To throw, make sure the knife can slip easily from your hand, don't "snap" your wrist, just let it slide out. Bring your throwing hand to about ear level, and then pass your arm down quickly and smoothly to the target, the knife should slip out of your hand, make 1/2 a revolution in the air, and contact the target blade first.

    When you start getting your form down, and begin to get good results, take four steps away from your target. Same throwing technique, only now the knife will make 1 full revolution in the air, go hold it by the blade. When you get good there, you can try different styles of release for intermediate ranges, and with practice judging how far you are from your target your proper release will become instinctive. Then you can work on adding more power to your throw.

    Source(s): Both Cold Steel and Hood's Woods have videos on the subject.
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    Just to add what Eunice has said...

    Every knife has it's own rotation to distance. In other words the number of times it will rotate 1/2, once, 1 1/2, twice times per number of feet. This is dependent on your knife. Now to adjust slightly for imperfect distance you can release with your knife held pointed back or rotate you wrist forward and rotate it more point first. In all reality this piece is something to put in the back of your head and save until you get the basics down. So for that you can either throw blade first or handle first. It really depends on the type of handle and how smoothly you can release it. If you choose blade first it is a good idea to dull the knife blade so you can practice without cutting your hand. Blade first is not recommended for double edged blades unless both are dulled. Now for the blade throw, set the knife with your thumb along the flat, your fingertips on the flat of the other side, with the blade pointed out from your hand. Keep your wrist straight and in the same position each time. Bring the knife up over your head and swing down releasing the knife when your arm is level, slightly below level. See how the knife hits. Does it hit point first? Perfect, does it hit point first but a little downward? Then you are just slightly too far back. Point first but point upward? slightly too close. Butt first? Way too close.

    Remember to be consistent. Do the same thing the same way every time until you can confidently hit, then experiment.

    It takes a lot of practice...

    You may end up bending knives over time. Old bayonets can be a lot of fun, because they have more weight than the "throwing knives" you buy in the catalogs. They are also cheap and hit harder. Just don't get the bayonets that are longer than 18" or so.

    Warning: If you do the handle method with a half rotation, you are pretty close to the target. When it doesn't stick it will often bounce back at you. If you are that close you may get hit. Learn how much that knife rotates per amount of distance and try half rotations with the blade thrown method or full rotations from the handle method.

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    While occasionally impressive, in my limited experience (seven years USArmy, combat on three continents, twenty years hunting all over North America), if you have a knife, and need a knife, then you throw your don't have a knife anymore, and you probably still need one.

    Just my two cents, of course.

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    I don't know any specific sites but I do know that some do exist. Do a Google search for "knife throwing".

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    Google the Great throwzini. Think that should help you

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