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Who do you think of when you think of each baseball team?

They don't have to be good or on the team, just who you think of.

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    Braves: Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Chipper Jones and Hank Aaron

    Mets: the 69 mets

    Phillies: Mike Schmidt and Chase Utley

    Marlins: Edgar Renteria

    Nationals: Frank Robinson

    Cubs: Steve Bartman

    Reds: Ken Griffey Jr

    Pirates: Roberto Clemente

    Astros: Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell

    Brewers: Paul Molitor and Prince Fielder

    Cardinals: Stan Musial and Albert Pujols

    Padres: Tony Gwynn

    Diamondbacks: Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and Luiz Gonzalez

    Giants: Barry Bonds and Willie Mays

    Dodgers: Jackie Robinson

    Rockies: Larry Walker and Todd Helton, Darryl Kile

    Yankees: A-Rod, the Babe, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio

    Red Sox: Ted Williams and the Yaz, Big Papi

    Devil Rays: Scott Kazmir

    Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr

    Blue Jays: Joe Carter, Alex Rios

    Tigers: Al Kaline, Brandon Inge, Justin Verlander

    Indians: Bob Feller and Grady Sizemore

    Royals: George Brett

    Twins: Joe Mauer and Johan Santana

    White Sox: Shoeless Joe Jackson and Frank Thomas

    Mariners: Ichiro and A-Rod

    Angels: the Rally Monkey

    Rangers: Nolan Ryan and Mark Teixeira

    A's: Connie Mack, Rollie Fingers and Hudson, Zito and Mulder

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  • DSC
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    1 decade ago

    Atlanta Braves - Chipper Jones

    Florida Marlins - Hanley Ramírez

    New York Mets - David Wright

    Philadelphia Phillies - Chase Utley

    Washington Nationals - no one...

    Chicago Cubs - Derrek Lee

    Cincinnati Reds - Ken Griffey Jr

    Houston Astros - Lance Berkman

    Milwaukee Brewers - Paul Molitor

    Pittsburgh Pirates - Jason Bay

    St. Louis Cardinals - Albert Pujols

    Arizona Diamondbacks - Randy Johnson

    Colorado Rockies - uhhhh, Todd Helton

    Los Angeles Dodgers - Jackie Robinson

    San Diego Padres - Trevor Hoffman

    San Francisco Giants - Barry Bonds

    Baltimore Orioles - Cal Ripken, Jr.

    Boston Red Sox - Big Papi

    New York Yankees - A-Rod and Jeter at the same time >_<

    Tampa Bay Rays - Scott Kazmir

    Toronto Blue Jays - Roy Halladay

    Chicago White Sox - Ozzie Guillen

    Cleveland Indians - Travis Hafner

    Detroit Tigers - Ty Cobb

    Kansas City Royals - George Brett

    Minnesota Twins - Johan Santana

    Los Angeles Angels - Vladi Guerrero

    Oakland Athletics - Bille Beane

    Seattle Mariners - Ichiro Suzuki

    Texas Rangers - Buddy Bell

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Braves: Chipper Jones

    Mets: Mike Piazza

    Phillies: Philly Fanatic

    Marlins: Edgar Rentaria's game winning hit

    Nationals: Frank Robinson

    Cubs: Sammy Sosa

    Cardinals: Mark McGwuire

    Astros: Nolan Ryan

    Pirates: Roberto Clemente

    Brewers: Geoff Jenkins

    Reds: Pete Rose

    Dodgers: Jackie Robinson

    Giants: Willie Mays

    Diamond Backs: Randy Johnson

    Padres: Trevor Hoffman

    Rockies: Larry Walker

    Yankees: Babe Ruth

    Redsox: Manny Ramirez

    Devil Rays: Carl Crawford

    Blue jays: Joe Carter

    Baltimore: Cal Ripken Jr.

    Cleveland: Kenny Loften

    Detroit: Al Kaline

    Minnesota: Jack Morris

    Chicago White Sox: Jim Thome

    Royals: George Brett

    Angels: Jim Edmonds

    Mariners: Ken Griffey Jr

    Athletics: Dennis Eckersly

    Texas: Alex Rodriguez

    Well that's about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Boston - Carl Yastrzemski and Jason Varitek

    Yankees - Derek Jeter

    Toronto - Kelly Gruber

    Kansas City - George Brett & Willie Wilson

    Minnesota - Kirby Puckett

    Tampa Bay - Carl Crawford

    Chicago WS - "Black" Jack McDowell & Bill "Bugsy" Moran

    Baltimore - Cal Ripken and Ken Singleton

    Cleveland - Corey Schneider

    Angels - Shawn Figgins

    Detriot - Justin Verlander & Ty Cobb

    Oakland - Mark McGuire & Jose Canseco

    Seattle - Ken Griffey Jr.

    Texas - Juan "Gone" Gonzales & Rafael Palmeiro

    Arizona - Curt Schilling

    Atlanta - Hank Aaron & Dale Murphy & Mark Wohlers

    Chi. Cubs - Ryne Sandberg & Mark Grace

    Cincinnati - Pete Rose & Barry Larkin

    Colorado - Todd Helton

    Florida - Chuck Carr

    Houston - Mike Scott & Craig Biggio & Jeff Bagwell

    LA Dodgers - "Iron" Mike Soscia

    Milwaukee - Robin Yount

    NY Mets - Darryll Strawberry & Gary Carter

    Philadelphia - John Kruk

    Pittsburgh - Barry Bonds & Bobby Bonilla

    St. Louis - Ozzie "The Wizard" Smith & Juaquin Andujar

    San Diego - Steve Garvey & Trevor Hoffman

    San Francisco - Robby Thompson

    Washington - Ryan Zimmerman

    Montreal - Andre "The Hawk" Dawson

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  • 1 decade ago

    Phillies-Chae Utley

    Braves- Chipper Jones

    Yankees- A-Rod

    Red Sox- Paplebon

    White Sox- Jim Thome

    Pirates-Jason Bay

    Reds- Griffey jr.

    Mets- David Wright and Jose Reyes

    Indians- Grady Sizemore

    Astros- Beckman

    Dodgers- Joe Torre and dodger blue

    Padres- Trevor Hoffman and jake Peavy

    Tigers- magglio Ordonez

    Twins- my friends who are twins

    A's- green and yellow

    Orioles- baltimore

    marlins- Miguel cabrera

    Nationals- new stadium

    Blue Jays- Toronto

    Cubs- Wrigley Field

    LA angles of Anahiem- Anaheim ducks (hockey) i have no idea why

    Mainers- A-Rod

    Rangers- New York Rangers (hockey)

    kansas City- how no one wears Kanas City hats

    Devil Rays- Scott Kazmir

    Brewers-Prince Fielder

    D-backs- Juan Cruz

    hope that is everyone

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm just going to do a few (all with current players)...

    Red Sox- Jason Varitek

    Yankees- A-Rod

    Devil Rays- BJ Upton

    Phillies- Jimmy Rollins

    Nationals- Wily Mo Pena

    Angels - Vladimir Guerrero

    Blue Jays- Roy Halladay

    Rockies- Matt Holliday

    Giants- Barry Bonds (I don't think of him fondly, though!)

    Cardinals- Albert Pujols

    Rangers- Jason Botts

    Twins- Johan Santana

    Brewers- Eric Gagne (even though we haven't seen him play yet...as a Red Sox fan, he's the first player that pops into MY mind!)

    Indians- Grady Sizemore

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When I think of baseball I'm brought back to the moment when Scotty nailed that run and brought that trophee home to Chicago. But, when I think of baseball and teams, I do stats in my head. Each team is differnt, they change from year to year. I don't label any team or player. It goes by the season. I love baseball.

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  • 1 decade ago

    NL Dodgers - Tommy LaSorda Rockies - Andres Galaragga(sp?) Diamonbacks - Brandon Webb Padres - Milton Bradley incedent last season hahaha Giants - Barry Bonds* Phillies - Mike Schmidt Mets - David Wright Astros - Craig Biggio Nationals - Soriano's 40/40 season Expos - Vladimir Guerrero Brewers - Prince Fielder Cardinals - Mark McGwire Marlins - Dontrelle Willis Braves - Chipper Jones Reds - Ryan Freel Cubs - Sammy Sosa AL Yankess - Lou Gehrig Red Sox - Big Papi Rays - BJ Upton Blue Jays - Roy Halladay Orioles - Cal Ripken Jr Royals - Carlos Beltran Twins - Kirby Puckett Tigers - Scary Lineup Indians - CC Sabathia White Sox - Scott Posednik Angels - Vladimir Guerrero Mariners - KGJ Jr/Ichiro A's - Jose Conseco Rangers - Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez I think I got them all. . . just first things that came to my mine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cardinals -- Albert Pujols

    Yankees -- Derek Jeter

    White Sox -- Paul Konerko

    Red Sox -- Manny Ramirez

    Seattle -- Ichiro

    Angels -- Vladimir Guerrero

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  • 1 decade ago

    phillies- ryan howard

    mets- howard johnson

    braves- bobby cox

    nats- dan driesen (expo)

    marlins- jim leyland

    brewers- bob eucker

    cubs- cliff lee

    pirates- willie stargell

    reds- griffey

    astros- biggio

    cards- jim edmonds

    giants- bonds

    rox- dante bichette

    padres- steve garvey

    dodgers- tommy lasorda

    dbacks- matt williams

    red sox- ted williams

    yanks- steinbrenner

    blue jays- joe carter

    rays- carl crawford

    o's- ripken

    indians- albert belle

    tigers- jim leyland

    royals- george brett

    white sox- jim thome

    twins- greg gagne/gary gaetti

    angels- geoff zahn

    m's- jim presley

    rangers- George W(orthless) Bush

    a's- reggie

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