Am I the Only Person Who Thinks Small Boobs are Sexier than Large Ones?

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I was wondering if I am the only man in the world who thinks smaller boobs are sexier than large ones. What do you think?
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I once heard a man say "More than a mouthful is a waste". There's your answer!
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  • has answered 6 years ago
    No. I don't like huge boobs.
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  • down4wtvr2006 answered 6 years ago
    it definately depends on things like....the size of the girl (proportionality) , the firmness and shape, and even the girl's face i think
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  • ~♥Sasha♥~ answered 6 years ago
    I know A LOT of guys who prefer smaller breasts. A friend of mine has a larger C cup, and her ex boyfriend hated it, she confided in me. He preferred smaller B's and A's.

    I, myself, have smaller breasts.. But.. I wish I had a little larger, to even out with my big butt and wide hips. But, that's just me... I've never had a guy say something negative about mine. It's strictly a personal thing. =)

    Everyone has different likes and dislikes. And that's cool. =)
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  • Pattyboy answered 6 years ago
    Rule of thumb anything more than a mouthful is a waste
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  • vogue obsession answered 6 years ago
    I'm not a guy, but I agree that small boobs are 100 times better. They look better in clothes and are much less of a hassle.
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  • Misha! answered 6 years ago
    umm thats is definatly how my boyfriend feels, but thats really cool actually. Its different and original.. i like it =]
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  • Unsub29 answered 6 years ago
    I wish mine were smaller. I'm in between a B and a C.
    Growing up, I couldn't wait to have them. Now, I wish I could go back. :-)
    My husband seems ok but he likes my legs and butt better.
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  • melissa answered 6 years ago
    Well, I'm a female and that sure makes me feel better. I think smaller ones are nice too. I'd like mine a little bigger (I'm only an A cup) but still,with my body even a C cup would be too big.

    It depends on the woman's body, some women need larger breasts to look good. The most important thing is the shape and if they are proportionate to her body. I bet you have a preference for girls that are on the thin/petite side.
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  • Machine Gun Man answered 6 years ago
    Small real ones are better than large fake ones, so I guess I would say no, I think that as well.
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  • starslugger09 answered 6 years ago
    Small beats big many times...If the large ones aren't real saggy or anything (peppy?), then I definitely don't mind those either!
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  • duped4thelasttime answered 6 years ago
    well i think that large fake ones are horrible, but large ones are nice! but the perfect boob to me is 36c. not too small and not too big. they bounce very nice and feel good in the hand on your face and everywhere else she puts them. but big natural boobs are still sexy too me. i'm just a boob man. u may not be as big a boob man as i am. u might just be a booty man.


    me, myself and i
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  • JKiiNS (jordan) answered 6 years ago
    i think big boobs are better unless they're on a really heavy girl then they just make her appear even bigger && this is comming from a bi girl and i think healthy curvy women like beyonce are A LOT more attractive then skinny flat girls like paris & nicole richie
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  • Jarod answered 6 years ago
    so what are you saying, that you like adolescent girls? that's kinda gross, even though, I don't really like super gigantic boobs, I like bigger B's to average size C's.
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  • Baca answered 6 years ago
    maybe you are secretly gay
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