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baking soda to whiten teeth?

ive been looking around and many people have been advising people to use baking soda to help them whiten their teeth? is this a good idea? is it safe? and how do you do it?

all answers appreciated

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    Baking soda is a constituent of many proprietry brands of tooth paste so is perfectly safe to use and it does help to whiten teeth.

    The easiest way to use it is to keep a small pot of it in the bathroom and just dab your tooth brush into it.

    It will go damp in the pot though so don't keep too much in it.

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Baking soda is the best! I do it all the time and I saw results when i started within the first 3 days. But you need to do it properly. Put toothpaste on your bursh and bursh ur teeth with it a little until its all soapyish, then dip ur toothbrush in baking soda and brush for a full 2 MINUTES, Takes a long time to brush those stains away. and doing this twice a day for 3 days then you will have pearl white teeth!

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    Sure its safe, I used to do this all the time. You just get some regular baking soda and sprinkle it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth like normal. Its very salty tasting and its actually pretty gross to have it in your mouth, but after you rinse it out your mouth feels ten times cleaner than it does with regular toothpaste. Doing this too often sometimes made my mouth dry and my gums hurt, so I wouldn't do it more than once a week or a couple times a week. I really don't know if it whitens your teeth very much, but baking soda is so cheap, why not give it a try?

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    Use a whitener stay away from tea coffee red wine etc.. they all stain the teeth. brush your teeth 3 times a day nevermind the baking soda i have white sparkling teeth because i look after them

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    I used to use baking soda too and my dentist said it is too abrasive. I've taken the enamel off several teeth and believe me, it is no fun!

    I personally would only go to a dentist for whitening now.

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    It is safe. Works great.

    My toothpaste includes baking soda and I've used it alone as well.

    You can put it on a toothbrush and add a bit of water then brush away. A herbal remedy book I have suggests adding crushed strawberry root to the mixture as well.

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    NO - don't do it. It'll damage your teeth as it's too abrasive. Use a good whitening toothpaste such as Janina. That will remove the stains from your teeth and not your tooth enamel.

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    sure it helps to use baking soda. its completly safe and you just use it like toothpaste!

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    use a toothpaste which contains baking soda...........there are soda crystals in the paste which are quite abrasive..........are they safe??.....if u r only cleaning a couple of times a day then sure.......but like anything......dont overdo it

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    Yes i use it all the time.

    It beats paying £20 + in the chemists for sh!t that doesn't work at all .....


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