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Why do Colonic Centers need a credit card to hold your appointment?

I want to get a colonic, but most of the colonic centers in New York City want a credit card number to hold my appointment. I don't like giving that personal information out. Is this true for all colonic centers or just the ones who are scams?

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    It's possible that some people chicken out and cancel their appointments and they want to ensure that they get paid for holding an appointment whether you come or don't. I know that it's common practice for some fringe medical places like chiropractors to require a 24 hr.-plus notice for cancellations and if you fail to do that, they make you pay. On "Seinfeld", George ran into that situation with a physical therapist. He was miffed that he had to pay.

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    Well, all the colonics that I have ever had, I had to pay before I had it. I don't see why a credit card would be required. If you make an appointment, keep it, just pay when you get there, with cash. Nobody will argue with money. If they demand a credit card, than find a different colonic center to go to.

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    Maybe they are afraid you will not show up for your appt. or will bail shortly after the appt to avoid paying - the 'ole I have to go to the bathroom trick, I'll be right back. JK! They must have an ongoing problem with no-shows or no-pays to make this such a widespread policy.

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    I don't know, but why be so anal about it?

    ok, i was kidding, but all kidding aside, there are absolutely no proven benefits, so then by defition ALL of these centers are scams.

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