In Adobe Photo Shop, how do I get text to look more clear? Everytime I print something, it looks grainy.?

I have been printing birth annoucements & save the date cards for friends and family. I already am set at 600 DPI.

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    If it's at 600 DPI it shouldn't be "grainy." You shouldn't even be able to see the pixels without a magnifying glass. In fact, 300 DPI is good enough for most print.

    Sounds to me like your printer - or printer program - has some auto downscaling.

    Let me think about this...

    Edit: It's too hard for me to tell you what's wrong through Y!A. There are too many variables -- is it your printer? is it a photoshop setting? is it a bug? is there something wrong with the driver? -- but I can set you on the right path:

    1) When you say "grainy" what do you mean?

    Pixellated? This means little squares, each of a solid color. If yes, it is pixellated, this means the picture is getting scaled down somehow... probably through Photoshop or some feature on your printer that's supposed to be user-friendly.

    NOT pixellated? A different sort of graininess? Then it might be an ink problem or incorrect paper. For instance, you might have Photoshop set to "High gloss" when you're printing on cheap paper.

    2) You need to figure out "where" the problem is. You can do this by narrowing the possibilities:

    First -- and easiest -- possible solution is to change your ink. Don't throw away the old ink because it's not necessarily bad. We just have to figure out where the problem is. If the picture still prints grainy with the new ink, then proceed to step 2...>

    Send the picture to a friend and have him/her print it out. If they can print it fine, you know the file is good, so the problem is not Photoshop related. It must be printer-related, occurring somewhere between the printer settings in Photoshop and the actual printing.

    (However, if your friend's picture is grainy also, you know the problem is with the actual file. In this case, it might be a Photoshop filter you applied, or perhaps you oversharpened.)

    At this point, if possible, install another printer on your computer -- maybe borrow the neighbor's. If the image prints fine through this printer, with the same Photoshop settings, then we have narrowed the problem to be with your printer.

    One last step. We have to figure out if the problem is related with your printer's program or the physical printer. To do this, reinstall your printer's drivers. Search google for more info.

    If you still have a problem by this point, it's something to do with your actual printer. Some kind of defect. Although I seriously doubt this because factory defects don't generally produce grainy effects. :)

    That's the best I can do through Y!A!! Just keep thinking in this mindset and you'll figure out.

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    Maybe using noise reduction? Not sure, I only edit pictures.

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