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Docking doberman-pinscher ears?

I just adopted a one year old doberman-pinscher. Her ears have not been docked. I was wondering if she is too old to have her ears docked. and would this be painful to her

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    yes it would be painful, they are suppose to have it done early in life if your going to do it (although I don't agree with doing that to them :( ) I met a doberman who didn't have their tail docked or their ears cropped and I thought that dog looked just as good as a cropped/docked one. It is usually if your going to show your dog, because of breed standards so I would just leave your dog the way he/she is.

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    A responsible breeder gets their Doberman puppies' ears cropped, the tail is docked. A year is too old and even so, she isn't going to be shown or anything so you might as well save her and yourself the time, expense and trouble of getting her cropped. It is hard for a novice to find a decent cropper to begin with and many/most vets don't know how to properly crop and know next to nothing about propping the ears afterwards. Like I said, responsible breeder will have already docked and cropped their puppies and they will have healed and be well on the way up prior to placement. Just love her the way she is.... btw, the rescue you adopted her from should have been able to answer this for you...

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    I'ts best if you crop to do it at a young age because there is a greater risk of complications as they get older and have a harder time healing . My two babies ears are as natural as they can get . The only thing i did was their tails. Don't worry about the sarcastic comments people post it's better to ask for advice if your not sure then to do something you might regret. Congrats on your new baby by the way. Chrissy.

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    At a year of age and given the fact this is NOT a show dog there is no point in cropping (not docking) her ears.

    Yes, it is painful. It is also troublesome and difficult to get the ears to stand correctly when they are puppies... it would be doubly so as a young adult.

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    She is too old, if you are cropping the ears it should be done at 12 weeks old, it is very painful for them plus it requires alot of up keep and re doing the bandages and what ever you use to hold the ears in the upright position...if you aren't showing a dog, don't crop the ears.

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    Ears cropped, tails are docked. Cropping is done around 6-10 weeks of age. I'd leave it be now.

  • Yes, she's too old to have her ears docked. Not only will it be excruciatingly painful, her ears won't stand up afterwards because the cartilage isn't malleable enough anymore, anyway.

    "If you elect to crop your puppy's ears, it is best to have it done as early as possible -- six weeks of age in the larger breeds and not more than 9 weeks of age for the small breeds. Since the ear cartilage is permanently set by the time a dog is 4 months old, ears cropped after this age may never stand up properly."

    "If they are cropped too late, the chances are very good that either one or both ears will fail to stand. In fact, many vets will refuse to crop after 12 weeks of age."

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    You don't have them docked, you have them cropped!

    After 12 weeks it isn't usually successful at making the ears stand up and no vet would consider it at a year old.

    If you are in the UK it's illegal now and to be honest unless it's a working animal I see no reason to get this done.

    It is always painful even in Pups!

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    Most vets crop ears between 11-14 weeks. any older than that and the cartilege in the ears is too strong. So, sorry, but a year old is too old to have the ears cropped.

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    If her ears have not been cropped (the correct term) by this time, I would not do it. The cartiledge has been long set so the procedure would be very painful for her and might not even work. She is still a Dobie with all the Dobie traits even with her ears uncropped. You will soon get used to the new look.

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