Strange heart 'sensations' are waking me up every night. I am worried, help?

I am a 35 year old female who has PAT Arrythmia. My heart was fine in itself, except for odd time that I had palpitations attack and had to go to hospital to receive Verapomil through an I.V. Other than that I was fine.

I also had an EPS ablation done by a cardiac surgeon to stop the attacks from ever happening again. It was succesfull.

Imagine my surprise when I started having them anyway, plus these uncomfortible, weird night episodes that do not let me sleep. I am exhausted. I am waitting for a result of a 24 hour heart monitor that my Cardiologist made me wear, but it is so long before I get the results to find out what is happening. I tried to get up and go to hospital during the night, but the minute I start moving around to get ready, everything goes back to normal. I have these strange "waves" only in a resting state. Doctor has put me on a beta blocker to stop these flutters, but the med doesn't work, I want to get off it the moment I am permited to. Any ideas?


Also, I forgot to add, that these "night flutters/jumps and skips" started after the ablation, so now I have a double problem - the returned PAT episodes AND the night episodes. I am not happy I ever did the procedure. The beta blockers do not adress the night flutters at all. I still can't sleep and I am turning into a serious, sleep deprived zombie!!!!!!

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    EPS ablation generally stops atrial arrhythmias, but there is no guarantee that the tissue won't heal over and the arrhythmia will resume. Further, the scarring from the ablation procedure itself, may introduce a new point of irritation that could cause arrhythmias. Attempting beta blockers upon recurrence is a standard and sound strategy; to see if the arrhythmia can be managed by something that isn't as invasive as another procedure. However, if that doesn't work, then you may need to have another procedure.

    Also, I would advise against abrupt cessation of any beta blockers, as the sudden withdrawal of them may cause an appreciable and sudden rebound of symptoms.

    Good luck.


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    Hi! I do. I dream a lot, almost everyday, and so weird dreams each time...15 years now, I have NEVER seen a dream like the ones people around me see. There are pretty much explanations on it, so you select the one that matches you better.My advice is that you take everything into account, a combination works better.Or believe some of the things on each anser: 1)Traumatic experiences In childhood, more possibly, you accepted influences whose act appeared sometime. You may watch bad movies for you (even if you do it rarely), know strange people,be told strange things,be extremely sensitive,went through etc 2)Special person (Indigo) You might be special.If your dreams come true, regularly or not, you should search it.Open your eyes and search, try to interpret every dream you see. Your mind wants to communicate with you.Dreams come in and out, just to tell you this.Dreams want to tell you something 3)Tireness and the rest of bad feelings They effect on you,your body and mind 4)The illusion of being something that others don't see Commonly "arrogant".This can also lead to strange dreams sometimes.But it is not a good explanation 5)Madness Hey, watch out!I don't mean that you are mad or whatever, but if you are sensitive and there are other things that occur around you (strange),or your dreams get you down,make you feel depressed or whatever, move. Visit a psychologist, because it may not be good.Rarely but not never, it can lead to madness. This category can also be named as "Soul matters".Just make sure that you are completely normal. In case of being special,there is no thing to do.Just keep an eye out, because, you lose a lot you could enjoy!Also, science accepts this theory,so don't think anything. I hope that all this was useful and keep on dreaming, because some dreams are meant to come true! All the best!!! xxx

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    I sympathise with you for your plight at such an young age. You should not neglect it any longer. Try the Yoga techniques of Ramdev Baba of India. It will taken an hour and a half daily. In 6 months time, you will be all right.

    Or else, go to Haridwar in India and undergo the yoga treatment for 6 months. You would be totally cured of the symptoms and you can live your the rest of your life happily ever after. This remedy is if you are not able to get going through the CDs you may buy on this topic.

    Wish you good luck!

    Source(s): own observation and a little bit of experience too.
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