Does Mitt Romney wear symbols of Free Masonry of his underwear?

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And if so, does that make him more or less qualified to be President than Mike Huckabee, who claims the world is 6,000 years old?
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Yes he would do, and it's hard to choose between them, but as a foreigner, it looks REALLY funny from out here watching the choices you guys have to vote from...I don't envy you. Sure, our PM is an idiot, but he's a safe idiot.

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choice is a relative thing, no one who is qualified (Al Gore) is willing to take the job.
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  • LoneStar answered 6 years ago
    You are thinking of the symbols on the Morman undergarments, which like much in Morman ritual, was stolen almost whole from the Masons.

    Personally, when I wear the Square and Compasses, I do so on a ring or on my lapel, as did a number of U.S. Presidents, including Washington, both Roosevelts, Truman and Ford.
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  • Prophet 1102 answered 6 years ago
    Mormons wear underwear with a square over one breast and a compass over the other.
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  • Gandalf™ answered 6 years ago
    One candidate with weird religious symbols on his skivies and the other with a 6000 year old earth. We're in some deep doo doo here.
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  • Gyspy Soul answered 6 years ago
    No, it is tattooed on his buttocks!
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  • Patrick H answered 6 years ago
    Neither of your assertions would make a man or woman qualified nor unqualified to be president. I care about taxes, the economy, and protecting our shores and borders.
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  • Harry answered 6 years ago
    How does his underwear qualify him for the presidency?
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  • mikayla_starstuff answered 6 years ago
    Why don't you ask him? Who else would know?
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  • cheezewhiz answered 6 years ago
    Did Mike Huckabee really say the earth is 6,000 years old?
    Please provide a link to your evidence.

    And, Mitt Romneys' underwear IS a symbol of Free Masonry!
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  • Sunny S answered 6 years ago
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