Can you give me advantages of being short?

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I am really short like 4'11 and im 17..this is my pic: i hate it when people younger than me makes fun of me because of my height..sometimes i more
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If you like you, and are confident in you, other people will dig you too. Doesn't matter how tall you are. I can't tell you the number of women your height up to just over 5' I've seen post on here talk about the tall guys they apparently for a number of men, it's not an issue.

You'll be fine!
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  • Michelle C answered 6 years ago
    At least when you're short you can always go up, with the help of high heels. I'm 5ft 11, usually my boyfriends are the same or a bit smaller so I cant even really wear high heels, and often when I stand in a group of shorter people I feel like the big, tall, left out dork! I'd rather be shorter then taller! So you shouldn't worry too much, i think everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves!
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  • darrin0629 answered 6 years ago

    You Are Not Short... Everyone Else Is Tall !

    Enough Said.
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  • answered 6 years ago
    Everybody have to bow their head to talk with you and you can answer them by raising you head high with dignity.
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  • aimee. answered 6 years ago
    im short too :)
    short people own
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  • fcas80 answered 6 years ago
    You are very very cute.

    Sometimes guys like to feel protective of short girls.

    I think people tend to gawk at girls who are very very tall. Don't you think that is worse? Probably easier to find clothes for your height than someone who is very tall.

    A woman I know who is your height proudly calls herself vertically challenged. Believe me, she has done all right for herself in business and personally.
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  • Allen A answered 6 years ago
    height is nt the matter
    juz be urself =D
    don worry most guys like short girls (cute)
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  • jables answered 6 years ago
    ohhh my!! you are very pretty. Don't mind about the height. Your beauty will compensate enough of that. On the other hand, why worry too much of it. You are only 17, there is a big chance you will grow some more. Sometimes it comes a bit later and others add on height at a much younger age.

    Cheer up. Again, I find you very lovely young teen.


    btw, 5'1 here a with a bf of 6'5. See???
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  • Miss Ash answered 6 years ago
    Awww you're so cute darling!! (non-lesbian way)

    Im pretty tall and i think short people are so cute.
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  • Jes answered 6 years ago
    Research says that shorter people live longer, you dont bump ur head often, you never have to worry about finding a guy taller than u (tall girls always gripe over that)
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  • riddance86 answered 6 years ago
    at 6'5" I smack my head on a lot of stuff. you don't have to worry about that.
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  • L answered 6 years ago
    You're really pretty and i'm sure that alone is more than enough to make up your height issue.

    Moreover,what's there to be ashamed about being 4'11? Height is nothing but a number.
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  • K. McCo answered 6 years ago
    UM...YOU'RE HAWT...THAT SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH. also, wear heels.
    btw, once you're out of hs and in your 20s guys will be falling all over you bc you'll look younger
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  • Lera, answered 6 years ago
    you're gorgeous!
    who cares about height?
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  • Adrienne answered 6 days ago
    Hit up my friend Mack the Mack bc he thinks you're cute

    ps I am Asia Philippines
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  • мαяιαмஐ answered 6 years ago
    I am really short so short tnat I went to the doctor for a check up and she marked down my height she started laughing and I am the shortest girl in my class.Here are the advantages to being short in my case
    - You can get always look taller by wearing high heels (tall people cant look shorter)
    -Look more innocent (a lot of people usually believe me over my taller friends and classmates)
    -Can get caught doing childish things and people wont care as much not like my older looking and taller friends
    and a lot more, just learn to accept yourself for who you are then other people will learn to accept you
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  • foofoo answered 6 years ago
    Girl please, I'm not much taller than you and you're super cute! Some men love the fact that they can pick you up, toss you around & feel like 'man' being a petite woman. I realize it's hard finding pants to fit right but put on some heels & work it! There are so many cute tops, jackets that flatter you.

    When all the girls your age look like they're 40 when they're only 30 people will still think you're in your 20's! Embrace your height, get a handy step stool for the kitchen, LOL & do your thing.
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  • SecretSmile c: answered 6 years ago
    that's sis is also 4"5 and shes 16 alot of people tease her too...but it's okay i mean it's better than bein soooo tall alot of ppl are short especially in Asia you shouldn't worry about what ppl say..I'm abit short I'm 5"5 and i'm 14.....ppl call me short your not the only one kay? so cheer up! :) and believe me guys will like you....
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  • Xena H answered 6 years ago
    The guy is supposed to be taller in the relationship anyways...think of it this way. You have more people to choose from.
    Also, shorter people have the advantage, have you ever tried to find a pair of jeans in extra long? Its not easy.

    Also, short and you. You can shop in the kids section if you want to, and pay a third of the price for clothing.

    Hope that helps. And by the way, your beautiful. Don't let your height keep you down.
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  • Catherine answered 6 years ago
    i'm short too, people younger than me are shooting up and towering over me.. My 15 year old friend is 6'4, tallest of all of the family childhood buddies & still growing.. while the rest of us are all short..

    Being short has alot of advantages.. like having better chances of hiding in a small place..
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  • Savannah answered 6 years ago
    well im 4'10 1/2
    and a freshman
    its okay
    i like being short
    because people are always like
    "awe your so cute"
    and peopel pick me up and stuff:)

    Cheerleading is good, because then you could be a flyer.
    or softball.

    there is a lot.
    dont get mad that your short
    take advantage of it:)

    Have a good day
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  • kewtay answered 6 years ago
    I'm sorry, there are no advantages at all.
    Couldn't think of any.

    But hey, eat more cereal and be taller!
    and sleep a lot!
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