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Interview in Investment Banking

Hello all,

I am going to have panel in trading post of equities derivatives of one of the investment banks which is strong in these aspect

However, I got not much cue on what will they ask and the most optimal way to present myself in the interview

Will they ask me competency question again? I am not quite sure as they already asked them in the telephone in

what questions are they usually ask in the interview? Ask me to hedge risk? Or mathematical stuff? Or economics stuff?


What I am doing right now is a MSc in Financial Mathematics in London, my ug was risk management. I got no full time working experience before

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Like any other positions in any investment banks, they may start off by asking you behavioral questions (why do you apply their company, why are you interested in their position, tell me about yourself etc etc )

    Then they may turn to some more finance related questions..( what do you know about equity derivatives? what do you know about the market ? have you invested in stock market before and how did that go?) You may need to do some research and study carefully what they do. Just pick up your finance textbook ...

    Finally they may ask you some math/brain teaser questions.(LIke what's 3/7, what's 50basis point of 1 million, or some sort of probability questions) There are bunch of them and it's impossible to prepare. What they want to see whether you are good at working numbers, are you able to work under pressure. Trading floor is a very fast paced and stressful environment. They need someone who can make a quick deicision and move fast.

    Good luck with your job hunting

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