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If you own New Wrestling Company, what will it be?

a)If you own wrestling,what would you do?

1.What name would you pick besides WWE,ECW,WCW,


2.What title name would you have?(WWE champion,Women champion,etc)

3.Would you have Girls?(wrestler,Nitro Girls,Divas,etc)

4.Would you use special name once a year like WrestleMania?If so,use different name besides Wrestlemania.

5.How many side you want and and how many ropes?(WWE use 4 side and 3 ropes ,Tna use 6side and 3 ropes,etc)

6.Would you use different show?(WWE has Raw and Smackdown)If so, name 2 different show.

7.How long would your show be?and what time would you want it to start and end?AM or PM?

8.Would you let Audience stand or sit on chair?

9.Other ideas?

Here is mine

1.WAW World Action Wrestling

2.WAW Champion,WAW women Champion,WAW Tag Team Champion,WAW Hardcore Champion.

3.Wrestler yes,WAW Girls(Like Nitro Girls)

4. Yes, ActionMania

5.4 side with 3 ropes


7.7-9pm Night



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  • 1 decade ago
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    gwf(geostorm wrestling federation)

    gwf world title, gwf world tag team titles, gwf indergender world tag titles, gwf woman's title, gwf hardcore title, gwf hardcore tag titles, gwf intercotinatal title, gwf cuirserweight title,and gwf us title, as well as gwf tv title

    i would have divas

    geostorm grandslam(march payperveiw), summerstorm(august payperveiw), haloweengeo(octobor patperveiw), thanksgiving cut up(nov payperveiw), battle royal(jan payperveiw)

    7 sides 2 ropes

    wednesday night showdown, saturday night goldshot

    wednesday night three hrs7pm 10 pm saturday night two hrs6pm 8 pm

    the audience would have the option to sit or stand execpt in the fornt row they would have to stand.

    yes i would advertise my ppvs on tv internet and during news on the radio to get things up and runing and i would keep good storylines going for as long as the fans enjoyed them i would have a fan appreacation night once a yr during my march ppv.

  • 5 years ago

    1 Mr anderson. 2 kurt angle 3 Chris jericho Reasons of why i had picked those 3 wrestlers. 1 Mr anderson can bring in the ratings weather people (like that answer or not) he is a great entertainer very good on the mic he can if was used right to play either a heel or a face but i''l have him as a heel and the main champion so i can make him the top heel to bring in the fans 2 I know that the age is getting the better of kurt angle. but he still proved that he can wrestle at the top level i can have an open gold medal challenge for the younger wrestlers so more of the statement by kurt angle can get more younger wrestlers in so i can sign them to make them big stars so kurt angle> to bring in the younger talent most of the today's younger talent, already respect kurt angle. 3 for chris jericho of why i had picked him was the same reason like Mr anderson heat = ratings entertainer= fans

  • 7 years ago

    Mine is Big Sky Wrestling as it's a Wyoming based promotion and all you can see out here is big sky.

    With the current state of wrestling as it is, I wish more indie companies would start up. there is always some sense of striving for a better product when there's more competition in a market

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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