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wat's the definition of "Party machine"?

wat's the definition of "Party machine"?


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    Well I don't know a specific "definition"...but it is the leaders set up around the candidate, with people in powerful positions that can use that power to make deals for the candidate. The Clintons are known to have built up a powerful political Party Machine to help them win. They can be so powerful, people are afraid of them...what they can do to careers, etc....people they make deals with, is not always a good thing.

    A Party the political Party doing that very thing for the Party Candidate...or the Party itself. It is how politics works.

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    Political Machine Definition

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    The term " Party Machine " could be a person that likes to party hardy. It could be a place someone goes to in order to party. It is what ever and how ever you see it. It could be a Bus,an Automobile, a Boat Etc......Etc Etc.....Your choice....and as the person above , it can be a political term as well. It all depends on the root of your question....The subject that the question is based from will send you in the right direction.

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    dont u mean "political machine", well a political machine is a candidate who promises the certain people jobs if they were elected, this was very common before and around the gilded ages era, the irish got to be cops and other prestigious jobs

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    A Party Machine is someone who parties when they should be studying civics.

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    John Belushi in the movie Animal House

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    someone who loves going to parties

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