Where is a good place for "Wine Tourism" besides Napa Valley (unpretentious wine vacation)?

Nothing against Napa but it just seems so over-the-top. Any places the wife and I could go with "Wine Tourism" stuff to do but maybe a little more low key than Napa or Sonoma? Or am I mis-reading this and maybe I should give Napa a chance after all. :-) Thanks in advance.

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    There are wineries throughout California. One of my favorite is Amador County, located in Northern California an hour or so from Sacramento.

    They produce world class wines. You can enjoy uncrowded country roads, friendly tasting rooms, and fresh mountain air. Very few of the wineries charge for tasting and there are many wineries located just short distances from one another. For more info on wine tasting in Amador County visit:


    This website has info on other lesser known wine regions in California as well.

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    Believe it or not come see wine country in Missouri. We have a ton of wineries here, very low-key and each one unique. My favorite is the Cave Winery, yep a winery in a cave, they have live music and well it is just a neat place. You can do the trip down old highway 94 or you can follow the 55 trip. Both have several wineries from large to small to choose from. Plus these little roadtrips also have some great places to stop at. Great shops for cheese, sausage and a lot more. There are several organized trips in wine country if you are looking to go on a bus trip or there are several B&B’s around that love hosting people on the wine road. Check out these sites below they give you a ton of information on planning your trip.











    I love traveling to wine country we always have a great time. You are on small little back roads with the wineries tucked into the rolling hills. The scenery here is breathtaking. Have a good trip!

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    Napa is beautiful, but the more popular, the more touristy (and potentially more pretentious). If you want to stay local (North America), try Oregon or even Canada/British Columbia, both beautiful (arguably more so than California) with very impressive wines that, again, are arguably the same if not better quality than Napa.

    You could do it all on your own, but you could also go with a company like www.worldofwinetours.com that has an inclusive wine vacation in each place and remove the hassle (and drinking & driving) from it all.

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    You've got to try Washington Wine Country, great wineries in the south central area of Washington, check it out!



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    Check out the Piedmont area of North Carolina, specifically Yadkin valley.

    Here is some information:


    This is definitely a "low-key" area and is really beautiful and a lot of fun. My wife and I live near there and have been on the "tour" several times on weekends.

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    surprise for you here. the north shore of lake superior in minnesota. there is a lot to do there beyond the whole wine thing. although there are a couple of small award winning viniards there.

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