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Hows Dallas, Tx?

Hows Dallas, Tx

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    I'm not sure what you are asking but I will give it my best. As far as weather goes, everything is great. As far as a tourist destination, it is great. Dallas has more shopping per capita than any other city in the United States. Dallas has the 6 Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot from in order to kill JFK. Dallas has a lot of art galleries and theater productions including plays, musicals, operas, etc. Dallas has a relatively low crime rate. The people are fantastically nice. I love Dallas! God Bless.(*)

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    Dallas is great. The weather can get hot and also pretty cold, but what do you expect for Texas. As the saying goes, you can see all four seasons in one day. Dallas has a lot of great suburbs and is close to Fort Worth. The DFW airport is perfect for flying national or international. There are plenty of restaurants, entertainment venues, The Mavericks (NBA), Rangers (baseball), Stars (NHL), and Cowboys (NFL) for all the sporting fans. I live in a DFW suburb and love going to Dallas.

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    It was nice and sunny today. But tomorrow is going to be "another day", a "horse of a different color". We could get snow and sleet by tomorrow night.

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