Noah built the ark!?

Noah built the ark! God sent a flood, destroyed the world and Noah and his family was saved! i believe God hasn't allowed us to find the ark because he wants his people to make their own desion! whats ur opinion on it? please give me a reason and go into details!

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    If remnants of the Ark was found, silly people would start taking bits of it as relics to adore and pray to. Remember the Turin shroud? The Bible says Christians walk by faith, not by sight. They don't need bits of bones, cloth or wood to have faith in God and his promises!

    Anyway, even if the Ark was found, disbelievers still would not believe in the Genesis flood. Jesus said that even if someone returned from the grave, people still would not believe. That is why he admonished them to consider God's written word because those are the scriptures that tell us about salvation by having faith in Jesus.

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    You know this is something that I thought of when I first started studying the Bible, I thought that if someone discoverd the Ark of Noah that would pretty much prove that God exists and that no one can deny...

    But as I got older and wiser I realized that it would not happen that way at all, if someone was able to discover the Ark of Noah that will still have people barking at the fact that it was a small boat for a royal area and not global flood as the Bible teaches. They would still claim that God does not exist and come up with ludacris ideas of how this boat got up in to the mountains....

    I think you should know something that the Bible says so that way you could have an idea how God deals with things especially when it comes to important artifacts or even people....

    In the book of Jude says "Yet the archangel Michael, when he argued with the devil in a dispute over the body of Moses, did not venture to pronounce a reviling judgment 8 upon him but said, "May the Lord rebuke you!"

    The devil wanted to know where God placed the body of Moses and Michael would not give out that information...

    Could you imagine if satan got a hold of the body of Moses...he most likely would have had him humiliated...

    I mean look at the situation now, we don't have any remains of the people who lived in Bibles times and yet people deny who they were, what they ruled, what they did, and so forth can you imagine if archeologists got a hold of the remains of Moses...The Moses.....

    Ya it would be da devinci code non sense all over again.....

  • God can provide enough reason to have faith if people only let go and let God work in their life.

    When a group of people pray every week for a member to give up his dangerous life style that opens the door to allowing God to work a miracle.

    That young man one day came forward and stating that he had chosen to clean up his life because, "I keep getting a real powerful impression that I need to change my lifestyle."

    When Christians believe and let God work they see miracles and that gives them all the proof they need to believe in the rest of Gods book.

    I am looking forward to the day when Noah's ark will be uncovered by the global warming we hear so much about these days. I certainly hope God will allow that to happen. If it is still on Ararat it is most likely well preserved by the bitter cold and several feet of snow. It would not likely rot under those conditions. There are probably some skeptics who would finally be convinced Gods word is true if only the ark was revealed. After all, Thomas was given the opportunity to have proof that Jesus had in fact died and risen from the grave. Remember doubting Thomas? There are quite a few of them now-a-days and I think they deserve a little bit of evidence as well.

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    Well finding the Ark is the least of the problem. There would be a signature in the geology that my cat could read if this really happened. It ain't there.

    Furthermore it isn't even reasonable to think that 2 of about 2 million species including 3 species of elephants and 6 species of hippos, a couple of rhinos and assorted other very large animals and cats all fit on a wooden boat with enough food to live for a whole year.

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    Why should we find it ?? has any one come up with the cross of Christ ?? Some say it was seen by troops from Russia others say it was seen by the Turks still some say pic's were taken from space. Sodom & Gamorah , The Flood ,Elijah & Enoch, are all examples of the takeing up in 1st Thess.(rapture )which many dont belive in Dont worry about the Ark think about your relationship with the Lord and be a wittness to others

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    Some people have claimed to find pieces of the Ark in Turkey. How cares. I know you are right. Christianity is a religion of Faith, very few people who have ever lived will every see God. Many have seen Jesus his son God. We do have the God, the Holy Ghost who testifies to our hearts that what we read and pray about is true. He is a special witness to us here on earth.

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    A literal interpretaion of the bible makes God look like an IDIOT. It demeanes him, his Metaphor and it creates mindless armies of morons who follow an antichrist.

    DID Jesus a Rabbi follow the LAW literally?

    NO he used metaphor and parables.

    Dont take a Beutifull lesson on the nature of the Universe our position in it and our relation ot God and cheapen it and turn it into a HISTORY lesson.

    When all it is is history then it has lost ALL meaning. It is so very sad.

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    The Space Ark of Chief Biologist and Species Preservation Officer No'Ah is still in orbit around the Earth, cloaked and phase-shifted with the rest of the Elohim fleet.

    On the day of the Rupture, when the entire Elohim battlefleet re-enters normal space under orders from Supreme Commander JHVH-1, the dinosaurs will be reconstructed from the Ark's genetic storage banks and unleashed upon the Earth to eliminate any humans that survive the initial bombing.

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    Some people claim they've found remnants of the ark. I'm not sure whether or not God wants us to find it - either way, I wouldn't base my belief on finding it.

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    Could you explain to me how both fresh and salt water fish survived the flood. Also could you explain why China ignored the flood. Chinese history goes back 4,000 years well before the Bible or Jesus existed did they somehow miss the memo that they should all be dead in a flood?

    In short I believe it is a myth.

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