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have you achieved your dream?

Or are you in the process of achieving it? Or have you given up on your dreams. Thank you

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    given that life is a process, and i'm not at the end, i am actually very very happy with where i am in my dreams so far, yes!!!

  • John G
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    1 decade ago

    I have achieved one of my dreams - I now have a totally amazing girlfriend who I have been with for six months.

    I also am in the process of achieving one of my childhood dreams. When I was a teenager and into my early twenties I used to draw comic strips, and wanted to be a cartoonist. However, I stopped doing it. A few months ago, I started drawing comic strips again. I believe my work is a lot better than it was years ago. Soon, I am going to have enough of them to submit to a newspaper syndicate. There is enormous competition out there, and I realize my chances of getting published are slim. However, if I don't try, my chances will definitely be zero. Sometimes it is wise to take risks.

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    No. my dream as a child was to be Robin Hood, and my dreams are still very much in that mode, I always wanted to be a dashing, heroic figure, defeating evil and righting wrongs. Well, eventually I realised that I was never going to be robin hood, andit was just a fantasy. i still have dreams of being the hero-figure who saves someone from some dire peril, but so far life has not given me the opportunity, and I can't help feeling that i am not really cut out for it. I still have the dreams though, they help to make life more enjoyable.

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    *in a humble perspective*

    I want to own a house... A nice house. Maybe somewhere in California, Washington, Texas or Florida...

    I want a loving, caring and understanding wife that is strong and supportive.

    I want children. Maybe at least 2.

    I'm still working onto this "dream", this "goal" in life. Currently served in the military for 5 years working on 6. May be in for the long run.

    *Here are my dreams that slowly descend in celestials swirls in my mind*

    *sorry for an epic feel of this answer and a dab of creative writing* hehe

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    i am 20+, i used to be a kid full of dreams, big or small ones. I had achieved so many, and lost so many, too. (haha, of course, no one's life is perfect, isnt it?)

    so many nights doing contemplation; Am i still chasing some of my dreams? i had put some away, had achieved some of them, blah blah blah.....

    at the end, all of a sudden, i realize, the most important thing is to learn how to undertand of the philosophy of "having (possess) enough"

    in this era, we can never feel having enough. Temptation, luxurious brands, sport cars, competition between you and your friend, no one would have enough of material . To know where you should stop chasing this and that, enjoy what you already have, is the best way to live, to enjoy my life, too.


    p.s. yes, this is kind of Buddhism.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes to my short term dream of graduating college and having a great boyfriend. My long term dream includes a great career, marriage and at least one child.

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    I'm getting there on one of them. One more year left of college and I'll be an RN.

    Have darn near given up on the second one of finding a husband and having a family.

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    My dream was to become a scientist. Now I am a civil engineer with a master degree only to find that unemployment is high (higher that of a hairdresser) and sitting at morning to Yahoo answers


  • LodiTX
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think I ever had one. At least, if I did I knew it was a dream and not reality.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no,not yet...

    look it is not like that you always get success.

    you should work hard for it.....

    unless you work hard you will not achieve what you want.....




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