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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

中翻英, 口語化可, 翻譯機勿擾~

玩法: 人數不一定, 可以分組對抗, 或 個人競爭.

1.先在卡片上寫上 電話號碼 or 水果, 植物, 動物名稱.


3.由競賽者說出卡片上的內容, 能夠說出越多正確項目的組別勝利.

麻煩中翻英, 口語化最好, 翻譯機勿擾, 謝!

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    Activity Contents: Don't care about how many people in the class.

    To divide the students into groups, or personal


    1.Write down words like...the telephone numbers or fruit, plants,animals on the card.

    2.The host have to show the cards to the competitors for few minutes.

    3.The competitor speak out the words. Who can answer correct and faster than other groups that they are the winner.

    Source(s): 你這是兒童美語的遊戲嗎? (我也在兒美工作)
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  • 大師
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    1 decade ago

    Slights the law: The population is uncertain, may group the resistance, or individual competition

    1. First inscribes the telephone number or fruit on the card, the plant, the animal name

    2. Fast demonstrates by the director the card in front of the competition second

    3. Says on the card by the competition the content, can say more correct projects the group other victory

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