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are blank firing guns banned in Australia?

Are blank firing guns banned in NSW? Why would they be banned because they can't inflict damage.

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    Not sure about this - I guess you refer to things like starting pistols used in athletics. You can get licences for just about any type of firearm but not pump action shotguns, semi - automatic or automatic rifles as far as I know.

    As far as I know revolvers and automatic pistols can be licenced so if they can be I can't see why firing pistols could not be licenced.

    Best bet is to ask at a police station or check NSW govt websites.

    You are likely to get silly answers from Americans who have been fed a load of BS by the NRA.

    Edit - For Jim A's benefit, though I doubt he'll see it - I mean BS about Australian gun laws. I have been told things on the net about these by Americans that were quite wrong - their authority was an NRA site which also was quite wrong.

    I don't own any firearms and as far as I know the only one among my swag of 30 or so near relatives is an old bolt action .22 rifle. Not interested in them, just as I don't go in for wedding cake decoration, pigeon keeping or models of gypsy caravans. Most people here could not give a tuppenny d@mn about owning firearms.

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    The comment he made Jim A, was that usually us NRA guys log on to say "all guns are banned in Australia" which is not true.

    The only things banned there are semi-auto's and pump action shotguns, and even these can be had for a particular licence I beleive.

    Secondly the glorious NRA is not doing quite as much as it should and neither are lazy *** gunowners in the US crowing about how free everything is.

    Right now many states and cities(like NY, washington, california) have worse laws than australia, and more get worse every day.

    So save your vitriol for a little more learning about our problems than telling Australians what they already know.

    Anyway back to the question as to blank firing guns, and things like starter pistols, they will come under one of the licences too.

    Your best bet is to ring a major gunstore in your state, as the average police officer taking a call usually won't have a clue what the exact legislation is, as in any part of the world.

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    BS from the NRA? Well now let’s see Americans can own semi-autos, full autos (with proper paper work), pump shotguns, hand guns and assault weapons and you can not, right? In fact even air rifle ownership has to be approved in your country, RIGHT? Did you know that the NRA is instrumental in helping Americans KEEP our gun rights? So I would think again about the NRA feeding you BS! Maybe down under needs the people to stand up for their gun rights. Or all you may have to shoot with one day is a straw and beans.

    As for the question I have no idea. But if you cant even have a starter's gun...well thats very sad! And I feel for you.

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    attainable? i'm particular somebody, someplace has figured this out. however the question is "why"? in case you are able to legally have a actual gun, then circulate out and purchase one. in case you won't manage to have sufficient money a great one, circulate out and purchase a used one, or an older style, and so on. weapons could be offered fee effectively in case you comprehend the thank you to shop for them. Now, in case you won't manage to possess a gun the place you reside, or in case you're a felon and are not allowed to have one, or are too youthful to possess one era, then why might you threat own injury and attainable detention center time over a gun? don't get me incorrect, i'm extremely professional gun, yet once you won't manage to possess a gun and attempt to cheat your way around the gadget to get one, then you relatively are soliciting for difficulty. That being stated, assuming which you would be able to own a actual gun in case you needed to, and are in basic terms curious as to if or no longer you are able to convert a clean firing gun to fire actual bullets, i think it quite relies upon on the person-friendly and the ability of the gun itself. i'm particular you're able to a technique or the different convert it to fire .22 high quality rounds, and so on, yet 9mm is a extreme stress around, and can probably reason the slide to return off, or the barrel to burst after a handfull of rounds. My suggestion, do no longer do it. in case you are able to legally purchase a gun, and have no sick purpose for possessing one (I.E, are no longer a criminal) then by potential of all potential circulate and purchase one. in case you're no longer sufficiently old, then wait some extra years. in case you're a felon, and could't own a gun yet nevertheless pick one, Mr. Crack broker will probably have the potential to offer you a gun, as criminals do no longer obey rules, so rules may well be irrelavent to you, yet i might nevertheless advise by contrast as you're able to be able to run right into a legally armed individual who does no longer take too kindly on your movements, and to that end you're able to be able to earn a toe tag. in case you reside in a u . s . it quite is oppressive and does not enable you to possess weapons, then assemble some well suited associates, celebration politically and VOTE to alter the guidelines so as which you would be able to own firearms. attempting to swap clean firing weapons to fire actual bullets is in basic terms soliciting for difficulty, for numerous motives. do no longer do it.

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