Nieces to attached to me,how to deal with this?

My nieces,both 2, are very attached to me and i can not leave my sisters house with out them screaming like some one is killing them. Well last night when me and my sister were putting them in their crib they were screaming and crying and they actually climbed over there crib and they would just free fall to the floor. How can i fix this??? Im worried that they might land wrong and seriously hurt themselves.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You must be an awesome uncle!

    I was in a simliar situation. It's not an easy one. If I knew I was getting ready to leave, I would slowly withdraw myself from them. I would quiet down, let them play on their own and talk to them less and less. .This way they sort of get busy with other things and it's not as traumatic as if you are cuddling and playing one minute and leaving them the next.Also, sometimes long drawn out good-byes are traumatic for them. If you can skip them, it's may be better for them. It may be a good idea for your sister to put them to bed alone . Give them kisses and hugs and tell them good night. If you are not in the room, they will not jump for you.

    Good luck!

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    It's very common for children to scream and cry when somebody leaves. Especially at that age they develop severe separation anxiety. As hard as it is you have to hug them, kiss them, and tell them "I love you, but I have to go now. I will be back ________." and walk out. If it is bed time and they are having too hard a time, pretend to leave. Go through your leaving routine and once you're out of the house let your sister put them to bed with you out of sight. You can enjoy time with your sister after they are in bed.

    If they are crawling out of their crib often, it sounds like it is time for a toddler bed, because that can be dangerous. If your sister isn't ready for this I would advise lowering the crib rails. This way the child can climb out safely but will not roll out of bed. Teach them how to climb out safely as well, if they can crawl out they will and there is no going back. Better safe than sorry.

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