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Which John Lee Hooker album should I buy ?

Ok so I recently started to listen to Delta Blues, Electric Blues, etc. I once heard some song of John Lee Hooker and I like him a lot. I was shocked to see his discography when I wanted to buy an album from him... Any suggestion ?

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    Start with "The Healer"

    But I have to tell you, the best John Lee Hooker stuff for me always seems to be some fly-by-night company that got a hold of old masters and released some out-takes CDs for cheap and sell them at highway rest stops in the bargin rack.

    Also, have a look for John Lee Hooker's stuff on youtube - there is a good amount and some of it you will really dig!

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    I am a blues player(guitar, piano and blues harp ) The best song I think he ever had was "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. I played with some of his friends at one time. I live near Memphis and was born playin' the blues.Come to Beal Street sometime. See you there. Rum Boogie Cafe.

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