serious, serious opinions please!!!!!? sister-in-law is pregnant....she is kinda the trashy pot-head type...well, we were preggo at the same time last year (yes shes pregnant again! ) we go to the same obgyn office....she has been smoking pot her whole pregnancy so far and is 6 months pregnant...smokes ALOT of weed! she has had health and welfare at her house in the last month and i just dont know if i should tell my doctor so she can let her doctor know or what??? i dont think it is ok for her to do this to her child. i think she needs a serious wake up call and maybe them drug testing her at the ob's office after an annonymous tip might be what she needs????? what do you guys think? she drives me nuts...everytime i see her i want to choke her....sooooo irresponsible....she just turned 20. what should i do???????


i dont know if i want to tell her ob cause i do not want her to loose her baby but....i just want her to see how immature she is being...most of all selfish!!!!!

Update 2:

also i would talk to her parents but they are crack heads on seriously its a way sad situation!!!! like i said i dont want her to loose her baby but she needs to stop....with her first baby she smoked until the day she was born!!!!! its horrible...

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    I would make an anonymous phone call...

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    Naka! This is right up my alley! lol (Ummm ... not literally, but, well I'll just explain!) I am a criminal justice major and have always spent time mentoring children, adults, etc ... through church and different arenas in my life. I have spent time volunteering in prison teaching inmates (both male and female) how to read. I was well protected and it was one of THE most rewarding things I have ever done. I was never scared or worried. Your situation is even safer because these women will never have your address or any other way of locating you (at least they shouldn't). The woman in charge of this should facilitate it so that she receives and sends the letter and then gives them to you so that whoever you are talking to could never find you. And, of course, you must be sure and never give out any personal information ... you know ... just like here. Not all of these women are in prison for "horrific" things like murder. Some of them just made bad choices or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many times women get dragged into their situation by abusive and drug addicted men. You have such a warm and caring personality and you are nurturing by nature ... I can tell. Of course, don't take it on if it's going to be too much with your busy life! But I can tell you first hand that there is a great feeling in trying to help someone straighten out there life. You can always try it and see if it's your cup of tea. You may be able to make a real difference. And even if that doesn't quite happen ... you are a better person for having tried! =) ______________________________________...

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    It wouldn't hurt to run the scenario by your doctor and let her do with the information what she will. She may decide not to tell your sister-in-law's doctor. They will not run a drug test with out her permission, though. I think it's very sad and you are right to be concerned. You could also ask your doctor for some information regarding the effects of pot-smoking while pregnant. I think it's awesome that you care enough about the children to try and put a stop to this. Good luck@!

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    I in no way commend smoking weed, cigarettes, or drinking while you're pregnant, but I do believe in letting people live their own lives the way they see fit and let them face the consequences. My Best friend got involved with a guy I don't really care for and he got her smoking weed, well she ended up pregnant and continued smoking the entire time she was pregnant. ABout 4 weeks ago, she had a very healthy baby girl, and I have heard of plenty of other people doing it also with no consequences.. so all I can say is let her live her own life, because carma sucks!!!!

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    I would talk to your OB and tell him/her the situation that is going on with someone that is a patient there, without giving names. Then I would ask the OB for advice on what to do in this situation. They may ask for the name or tell you to call CPS. By the way, I know of someone who smoked pot for most of her pregnancy due to horrible morning sickness that nausea medicine did not cure. I'm definitely not condoning it, but her daughter is now 5 and is very intelligent and healthy. I don't know why someone would take chances with their baby's life though.

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    Do research on how bad it is for her unborn child, print it out and leave it on her door! Or just tell her how you feel. Although I don't think it is a good idea to tell the OB. If you talk to her and it doesn't seem to hit her at all then maybe think about it or better yet ask your mother in law to talk to her about it. If nothing is done tell her how hard it is for you to be around her when she is hurting her innocent baby like that.

    That is all the ideas I can come up with. Good luck!

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    Ever heard the word KARMA, what comes around goes around. Let what ever happens to her happen dont need you meddling in her life. And would you want her losing her kid? and feeling down which would more then likely push her into harder drugs. Think seriously about your actions as what you think is right could still have a negative effect.

    My mother smoked and drunk during pregnancy with me, I have a bachelors degree and a masters people who say it will have an ill effect on the kid are full of s**t and read to much crap, how is a child meant to build an immunity to such things in my opinion by being exposed to them.

    Know wonder so many kids ahve allergies tehse days there parents wrap them up in too much cotton wool.

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    Well technically weed really doesn't do anything to babies.Now smoking cigarettes does alot of damage.Now she does sound stupid so you should make a call to someone to let them know what she is doing so she can go to rehab or someything.I don't think rehab is great because my fiance actually told me that its stupid but if she goes to a state hospital like he did it changes alot of things.He used to smoke pot but he went to rehab he said did nothing but make him want it more and then he went to the state hospital and thats helped him alot.Even to cope with anger.Try that.

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    She's only falling pregas coz she cant keep her legs crossed coz shes too smashed. and it must be helpful to keep collecting that baby bonus thatll last them a week with their habbit..

    i think u shud talk to ur partner see what he thinks.. and maybe tip off the parents and if they dont do nethink u shud.. the baby could become brain damaged.

    The only other thing is that if they have been smoking pot for as little as 1 month into the pregnancy its dangerous for them to stop as the bub is dependant. so may maybe if she just cut down grew up shut her legs she might be beta off..

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    1 decade ago

    if you have talked to her there is nothing else you can do.

    shes on her own and its her child shes harming.

    if that doesnt make her want to stop smoking then I dont think you can...

    it sucks but its her choice...

    good luck

    your a great step sis.

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    well....i think u should get her tested or make the phone call because if she keeps this up not only is she putting her life at risk but the innocent babys too....i think definetely to rehab too...because its not certain but she could end up abusing or harming the child because of all the drugs

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