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Is Hell Real?

I beileve in Heaven and I love God very much. But the though of Hell scares me sh!tless. But it doesn't make sense. If GOD loves the world and everyone on it so much that he would send his only Son to die in place of our

Sins, why would he send anyone to Hell unless they truly hated GOD with a passion?


And why would he do it if he said he'll forget all of our sins?

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    Why would a loving god send ANYONE to an eternity of suffering, no matter who they were or what they did? Why would such a god give infinite punishment for finite crimes?

    The answer is simple and obvious: he wouldn't.

    If there is a god which is both beneficent and omnipotent, then hell can not exist.

    If hell exists, and there's a god, then he's not beneficent, or he's not omnipotent.

    If there's a hell, and there's an omnipotent god, then he must be evil or malicious.

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    You have the right idea.


    Stop and think of why there was a HELL created.

    It all started with an Angel that thought he was the most beautiful and knew more than God. So he was cast out of heaven along with a host of other angels.

    PRIDE and arrogance were the things that caused HELL to come into existence.

    Scripture tells us these are things that GOD HATES

    All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.

    We are full of pride and arrogance if we think for a minute that we have not sinned.

    For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    But if we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sin, and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.. However, from this point on, we are to live a life that is free of sin. which means we have to let God do a lot of changing in us.

    Hell is real Heaven is real the choice is yours and mine where we go when we die. by the life that we live or do not live according to God's word.

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    Hell is real whether we like it or not, however a BIG mistake is saying God sends yyou there, you choose to go there by pushing God away from you in your life. Its not hard to get to Heaven, God wants everyone in Heaven with Him, that's why He created us. From the Catholic perspective, there is Purgatory, where you are sent to be cleansed of your sins before you get to Heaven. Christ speaks many times about Hell.

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    Hell makes perfect sense . Read the Bible and it is clear that God has no choice but to send unrepentant sinners to hell. God is not sending good people to hell . He is sending those who after repeated warnings and many chances to repent have refused his love and decided that they are the center of the universe rather than God.

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    Yep. I'm a U.S. government wage slave working in Washington DC. Belive me, I know about these things. The DC commuter experience is one of the lower levels of hell. And don't get me started on pointless 4-hour meetings.

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    Hell is a trash dump of Jewish antiquity...Gehinnom....everything there smelled and was burned.....the translation and the subsequent view by church leaders that the concept of hell would actually lure in believers and keep people on track, led to the eventual message you see in the NT. It is completely illogical and contradictory of any loving god to do such a thing.

    See this site for more detail on this subject:

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    If this world is real,if heaven is real then hell is as real as God.

    Source(s): Diamond Sutra and Heart Sutra.
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    Because He does love ,He sent His only son. We needed a sacrifice and Jesus did it for us. We have a way out and no need to go to hell. If you don't accept , then how could you live in Heaven? There'sw only two places to go and if you aren't a Christian, then how could you live for all eternity with Jesus and us Christians?

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    Hell (the word) is used to mean the grave. It is also used to refer to the cleansing fire that burns up sin and sinners after the Resurrection of the wicked, so Messiah YAHOSHUA can make the world new, and very good.

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    To be separated from God (who is Love) is to be in Hell.

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