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NFC north quarterbacks?

how many quaterbacks have the vikings, lions and bears started ever since brett favre took the helm and never looked back!?

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    Since Brett Favre started his streak the Bears have used 21 Detroit used 15 and the Vikings used 13 for a grand total of 49 quarterbacks.

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    not to sure about the Vukings and Lions but the Bears have had about 28 starting Qb's since Farve has started

  • Jordan
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    I think the Bears are up to 18 just by themselves.

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  • glizzy
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    1 decade ago

    Way to many to count. Farve is the top 5 qb's of all time if he gets to this years superbowl

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    many...Minnesota has had the least of all the other three teams and the Bears have the most...while the lions are in the middle

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    My calculator broke trying to add up the numbers

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    I know. Brett is a dinosaur.

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    i found 29***

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