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what means "a pit" in theatre terms?

I've already asked this questions and the answers were its the place where orchestra is situated.. yet in the context i read about it, it doesn suit.

im reading about riots that were caused by the play "Playboy of the Western World" by Synge. and it says that tme most riotious ppl were seated in the pit.. but nothing about orchestra at all! so maybe its just normal seats in the theatre?

is it also possible that the "pit" seats were cheaper than the stall or balcony? hope so..


not the orchestra who started the riots (for sure)

the ppl in the pit were unknown to the directors of the theatre...

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    Point 8.b of this reference might help

    (It won't let me cut and paste)

    Never heard of it other than being for the orchestra. I can tell where the phrase 'in the limelight' means if you want! That comes from the time before electricity and the stage was lit with lights that were made by burning lime! Much safer than gas. Ta da! There you are. Nothing like a bit of trivia.

    Hope that helped!

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    I think Waino is right. In Shakespeare's day the audiences stood, and only the posh folks could afford the covered balcony seated areas. All I can think of is that the cheaper standing areas had an even cheaper area (or even a free place) right at the front, which is a rubbish place to see a play from as you are too close and too low to get a good view, and that they had to sit down so as not to obscure from the paying standing audience.

    From this 'pit' area, we get the term used for where the muscians/orchestra now sits...?

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    The answers you received were right. The "pit"

    is a hole that is situated in front of the stage.

    That is were the orchestra would sit and play while

    the actors were on stage. Sounds like the members of

    the orchestra started some of the riots. Perhaps

    they became upset when people seated in the audience

    would disturb their music?

    Source(s): Theatre major
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    seats that are near the orchestra pit

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    first proper theater as we know it was called the Theatre, built at Shoreditch, ... would pay 1 penny to stand in the 'Pit' of the Globe Theater. ...

    ...looks like it was standing only...

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    i thought it was the...never mind. sorry but i thought it was where the orchestra was too.

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    may be a slang term for the cheap seats.....

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