John the Baptist.?

1. Who was John the Baptist

2. How did he anger the Pharisees and Sadducees?

3. What was the central message of John's teaching?

4. How is John the Baptist similar to Elijah?

5. What was the impact of Jesus' baptism on us?

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    1. do your own homework

    2. its not that hard

    3. you may want to read your text book

    4. how uneducated are you not to know who he is

    5. now log off and do your homework!!!

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    1. John the Baptist was Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, the writer of the Gospel according to John, the 3 letters of John, and the book of Revelation, for starters.

    2. He sin against God the Father by condemning others.

    3. To witness for the Christ, to tell us who we are.

    4. Elijah and John the Baptist are the same spirit sent by God the Father to foretell of the coming of the Christ Jesus.

    5. In the flesh we all must be Baptized with trouble flowing snow water that empties into the sea even Jesus the Christ.

    4. They are the same spirit, but, they have been born again into a new body (house)

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    The son of Zacharias and Elisabeth in the New Testament.

    John was sent to prepare the people to receive the Messiah (John 1: 19-27).

    He held the keys of the Aaronic Priesthood and baptized Jesus Christ.

    Isaiah and others prophesied of John’s mission, Isa. 40: 3 (Mal. 3: 1; 1 Ne. 10: 7-10; 2 Ne. 31: 4).

    Was put in prison and beheaded, Matt. 14: 3-12 (Mark 6: 17-29).

    Gabriel announced John’s birth and ministry to Zacharias, Luke 1: 5-25.

    Jesus taught that John the Baptist was a great prophet, Luke 7: 24-28.

    Recognized Jesus as the Son of God, John 1: 29-34.

    John’s disciples became Jesus’ disciples, John 1: 25-29, 35-42 (Acts 1: 21-22).

    Did no miracle, John 10: 41.

    As a resurrected being, was sent to ordain Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to the Aaronic Priesthood, D&C 13 (D&C 27: 7-8; JS-H 1: 68-72).

    Was ordained by an angel when he was eight days old, D&C 84: 28.

    Jesus's Baptism was of great importance, It set the standard.

    Christ had to fulfill all of the commandments just as all of us do. the difference in his mission was he indeed HAD to be perfect in order for the Atonement to be accomplished. Had christ Sinned, he could not have taken anyone else's sins upon himself.

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    1. John the Baptist was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, both well past child bearing ages. He was the 'forerunner' of Jesus Christ.

    2. He angered the Phariesees and Sadducees because he preached about the Messiah, and that it wasn't through the priests that man would be saved.


    4. He was similar to Elijah because, he was called of God since birth, he was born to older parents, he was a prophet, and he often spoke of the 'lamb of God.'

    5. Jesus being baptized shows us that He went 'all the way' with God's plan. Also, if we are to call ourselves Christians, we must strive to be Christ like, and be baptized ourselves.

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    John the Baptist was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, and the cousin of Jesus. He proclaimed the coming of Christ...check out Luke 1-3.

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    Read the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and look for the sub-titles that have "John the Baptist" in it. That's if you have a Bible on handy. that's how I found out all that you are asking.

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    He had the Spirit of Esais the prophet

    and he was the for runner of Christ whom was prophecied to come before the Lord (crying prepare ye the way of the Lord)

    By telling them the where sinners , and just cause they were children of Abraham didnt give them a free ticket to heaven

    they to had to bring fruit prepared for repentance

    that one came after him that would baptise them with a batism not of this world and to come to repentance of sin, and be baptised with water to show thier witness of that repentance

    He had that Spirit of the prophet to Forewarn the World of Christs coming

    It was to Fullfill ALL Righteousness

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    1. the herald, the voice in the wilderness that proclaimed the coming Messiah 2. gotta go check, do NOT want o miss state..3. the Kingdom is at hand.....4. again, gotta check... 5. it showed He obeyed the father, he was readying Himself for the Royal Priesthood of the Kingdom....... go in peace..... God bless

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    1. He preached repentance and baptism

    2. Because of what he preached

    3. Repent and be baptist, er, baptized

    4. He was a prophet like Elijah

    5. Jesus became our example of one who fulfilled righteousness

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    ...You guys act like this is a mainstream assignment....

    I feel a bit out of place.

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