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going to efile for the first time?

i am going to use the irs free efile. after i am done with the federal, does it give you a way to file your state? for free or will i have to pay for that?


i live in arkansas if that matters

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    Go to the department of revenue website for your state to see if they might have free e-file too.

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    I live in SC and they send me a tax form booklet in the mail every year and it has a free efile code number to use if I go the the SC website and efile my taxes there.

    See if your state has the same thing, most states do.

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    Go to YOUR states website and they may have a free provision for efiling.

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    i only have one tax and a few years ago i used efile and it was free. but this is here in fl

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    1 decade ago

    You'll pay for the state.

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    they will give you the option and yes, you will have to pay.

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