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Rubbing top of my mouth with my tongue?

Strange one, i sometimes get a really itchy roof od my mouth, especiall when i need to sneeze or feel one coming on??

Any ideas?

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    There are a lot of blood vessels above the roof of the mouth. Mine gets itchy when i eat avocado - i may have a slight allergy. Does it happen after you eat something specific? I sometimes rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth and it tickles!

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    Do you have any white patches or redness on the roof of your mouth or back of your tongue? You may have a slight case of thrush. That can cause itchiness and soreness. A sneeze might just cause it to irritate. Check with your Dr. to make sure. You may want to try eating yogurt once or twice a day. The enzymes in yogurt will help combat oral thrush.

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    Sometimes when Im catching a cold that happens to me..or maybe you might have scraped the roof of your mouth while eating something and swallowing it..Thats happened to me also...Just think back to when you might have done this..If it persists Id see your Dr..It could be more than "just a virus" or "scrape..."

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    go see a mouthologist

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