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what means " a pit" in theatre terms?

and stalls?

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    The Pit is an abbreviated term for where the Orchestra in Orchestra Pit. It's in front of the stage, and often in larger theatres, the orchestra pit will extend under the stage itself.

    The stalls are the seats that are on the ground level of the theatre- on the same level as the stage. Four rows back right in the middle of the stalls is called 'the Producers Seats' and have the best views in the house.

    I hope this helps!

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    The orchestra pit is between the stage and the audience and at a lower level...hence pit. There is often a low curtain hiding them from the audience. In Opera houses it has to hold a whole orchestra so may extend under the stage. The stalls are the seats on ground level. Usually sloping up towards the " Back stalls" but not on a balcony.

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    Orchestra Pit

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    The Pit is at the front where the orchestra goes, the stalls are the seats in the theatre in the auditorium rather than in circle or boxes at the sides.

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    The pit is the orchestra pit just infront of the stage and situated lower than the floor.

    The stalls are the theatre seats downstairs.

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    I think Waino is right. In Shakespeare's day the audiences stood, and only the posh folks could afford the covered balcony seated areas. All I can think of is that the cheaper standing areas had an even cheaper area (or even a free place) right at the front, which is a rubbish place to see a play from as you are too close and too low to get a good view, and that they had to sit down so as not to obscure from the paying standing audience. From this 'pit' area, we get the term used for where the muscians/orchestra now sits...?

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    usually where the orchestra sits in front of the stage. But a pit is also used to describe a theatre or cinema thats a bit of a dump, A fleapit.

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    dont know about stalls, but a pit is the place where the orchestra sits and plays

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    The Stalls Im guessing or perhaps where the orchestra play

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    Where the orchestra sit. the stalls are the seats at the front

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