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Friend wants to change husbands ashes into a diamond, but is receiving dreadful comments and phone calls....?

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    I've heard about this procedure and know it can be very expensive but also very beautiful and sentimental. Who on earth would want to harass the poor woman, she only wants to remember her husband in the way she sees fit?! There are lots of ways to turn your loved ones ashes into vases and ornaments, and like your friend a diamond.

    I know this might not be to everyones taste or preference but that does not give them the right to be nasty and cruel. They can voice their opinions in the privacy of their own homes to their family and friends but to actually say these things things to your friend is appalling. Everyone has an opinion but they should not be forced onto anyone else, however strongly you feel. Karma is a strange thing and these individuals should be aware of that - what goes around, comes around. Give your friend my best wishes and I hope she goes ahead with her plan no matter what. Take care xx.

  • K
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    She should just have it done and not tell anyone if it's a problem for people. She can replace the ashes with ashes from just about anything. Who's going to check.

    Then she can have a will wrote up and leave it to one of her children with a note that the diamond is dear old Dad.

    I personally think it is a wonderful idea.

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    It's up to you to talk to your husband, as you've done in the past, and let him know how you feel about this woman and ask him what he's going to do based on your concerns and feelings. You can scream, shout, leave home, cry...but all that's doing is showing him that you are unable to maintain a mature and rational conversation. You are married and must face these situations with your head on straight, your emotions in check and a commitment to solving problems together. If it's not this woman, it could another woman or two trying to vie for your husband's attention or friendship. So, this is something you need to settle with him and let him know what your position is regarding his contact with other women. Whether he likes it or not, you need to express yourself. If he didn't like something you were doing or had some concerns with someone you knew, I'm sure he'd let you know immediately how he felt about it. Let your husband take care of his business; he needs to work on using subtlety with members of the opposite sex. This married woman who keeps contacting him is probably contacting other men too, single and married, cause she's in a messed-up situation and wants some attention. You communicate with her....then she'll think she has some power in your marriage, thinking she started some trouble between the two of's not worth it.

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    dreadful comments and phone calls from whom?

    surely its up to her what she wants to do with his ashes?

    I think that making a diamond is a lovely thing to do, far better than scattering the ashes and a lovely way to remember someone

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    Peter, what does S stand for? Sanctimonious, simple or just plain stupid.

    Your friend's wishes are paramount in her grief, the pity is that she let other people know about it, she should have gone ahead and done it, and afterwards perhaps shared it with her closest friends.

    Whover is making these unfeeling comments and phone calls, are not her 'friends' and should be treated as such.

    I lost my wife three years ago, and I have carried out a few things that would have amused her, things the details of which I will take to our grave with me.

    God bless.

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    dreadful phone calls from who? I personally think its a lovely idea but if his children are hurt maybe the ashes could be split in half?

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    hi ive seen a diamond made form ashes b4 and it is so lovely i think she should go ahead and do it and just ignore the calls there just being stupid follow her heart thats what i say

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    Is this friend actually receiving them?

    If yes, it's none of those people's business. no give a damn.

    But! If the comment comes from his family, especially parents, then might be wizer to consult with them how they feel about it, I reckon.

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    That is different. whats wrong with that the questions is unclear and the description brief if you could give more detail and i'll asnwer the question.

  • through out a mans life his wife screws him for money gifts etc. when he is dead she wants to screw him by having him coverted into a diamond, dont they ever give up? leave the poor sod alone and let him rest in peace.

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