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網址內播放的音樂 ?

這個網址 : http://meropar.jp/home/index.do?flashvars=ukey=a3f...


請問那是誰唱的 ? 什麼歌 ?

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    Aesthetic (Music:澤野弘之 Vocal:関山藍果)

    作詞:今井麻紀子 作曲:澤野弘之 Vocal:関山藍果

    Longing for you day and in dream

    I'm hoping you are here and leading my way

    You steers my road anytime I need

    If you walk away, I will follow you

    Trying my life

    With your sacred gifts you gave to me

    I won’t vain and succeed it as your precious soul

    Holding your hand

    And I'm walking through the all of the world

    Carrying your wish like the Venus in the dim sky

    Source(s): 我自己 ˇ
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