Calling all film aficionados and movie buffs! Need help with a movie title.?

Help! Once saw this late night movie and trying to remember the title. It's a movie from I think the 1960's. It's about this British lady who lives in London. I think she was a maid and her dream was to get a Dior dress. She travels to Paris to look for one and along the way befriends this model. This model had a bad relationship and in the end hooks up with this geeky accountant who rides around in a Vespa. Any guesses? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's called Mrs 'Arris (Harris) goes to Paris. At least there was a 1990's remake of that name with Angela Landsbury. Very sweet little film but I guess it could have been a remake. All the info is here...

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