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Planning a backpacking trip through Europe?

I am planning a backpacking trip that I KNOW will include London (i have family there & thats our starting point). It will also include Paris, Venice,Rome & Florence. I am looking for some suggestions of other places to go - from people who have done this before. Also, recommendations for hostels would be nice

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    You got many good tips, I like what Maia wrote very much.

    Before you buy a rail pass work out if it is cheaper for you, as you need to be one the train a lot to make it work. But when it is cheaper it is very convenient.

    This is the travel planner of the Eurail site, the prices they quote are on the high side because they do not look at the special offers and long distance point to point rail tickets.

    You can get one single ticket Paris-Rome, which will allow you to stop off at several towns on the way. Valid for two months. (But not valid on the high speed trains for which you need a reservation.)

    Google -train times and the name of the country- to get the national train planner often in English, otherwise that is one more click.

    Stay in a few small towns, those in France and England I know are good, I have heard that those in Italy are also very nice. In a smaller town or village you get to know the way of life of the country so much better than in the big cities.

    For hostels, or cheap hotels, campsites and so on, use the Lonely Planet guidebooks, they have them listed with prices, opening times and where needed, quality warnings, good as well as bad.

    These books also have a lot of information about travel, sightseeing (most museums and sights and their opening times and prices,) eating, shopping, and also travel safety.

    Source(s): I travel often, in Europe and farther from home, I have been in England and France often, but I have not yet been in Italy.
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    Cheapest places to stay in Rome, Venice and Florence are the plus camping villages. Their house tents are very good value.

    I can highly recommend visiting Sorrento and Pompeii.

    From Venice I would catch the night train to Vienna, then going north to Prague, Dresden and Berlin and then from Berlin to either Amsterdam or London.

    Check out for budget flights within Europe.

    A great destination (if you can get a cheap flight) would also be Istanbul. Or if you head south to Sicily you could catch a ferry to Tunisia - great country, especially if you are interested in Roman ruins and history. See

    Source(s): I'm German and have been backpacking all over Europe and the Middle East.
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  • I have a very strong recommendation, take me with you!!!! I was looking to get married in paris and I went on paris and a whole list of hotels, restaurants, etc were named.

    If you go to Italy I would talk to a travel guide and pretend you are going to vacation with them and find out all the information of where they go and the discounts. Also getting 800's when you look up hotels in Italy, France, etc. They usually tell you. Or getting a travel book in the library.

    Sorry I wasn't that much help.


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    my uncle has a lovely B&B in the Venice slums.

    The only problem is that it has no air conditioning and is sometimes hit in drive by shootings. other than that its a perfect place to stop and go on your trip. Ill see if he has any vacantcies!

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    I'd book a rail pass to get around . This will also save you a few nights accommodation as you can book sleeper trains.

    You can also preview hostels online at which is handy.

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    come to ireland for a few days.....go to or and you can get really cheap flights to ireland from london....lots to see and do...great might not be huge but we make up for that with our hospitality

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    I stayed at Caulaincourt Square Hostel in Paris. I liked it- the room had a private bathroom with shower, and 4 people share it. The rooms are kept locked when no one is in them. It really close to sacre couer and other things to see. Here is a website telling about it -

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