How to build a strong bridge using 40 tongue depressors?

How does I build the strongest possible bridge out of 40 tongue depressors? It must be at least a foot long and can fit a match box on it. Yes, this is for a project.

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    Tongue depressors are about 6" bridge must be 12". perhaps a single laminated beam made of the tongue depressors turned on their side. pretty simple.

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    There could be several reasons for this. Perhaps your tongue was tied and needed to be loosened, or too firmly in your cheek and needed to be pressed down. It's also possible that your tongue was in danger of slipping - the depressor would have kept it 'down'.

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    Thats a standard truss design they use currently today for commercial buildings. The top rail distributes the load to the bottom rail, however, steel is used not tongue depressors so I don't know how it will work for you. Remember, use wood glue, the wood will fail way before the glue does.

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    The strongest bridges are in an arch shape. Be careful with your design and keep thinking "what will the load do to this piece" and "how will this piece help the bridge." Remove the weak links and put them in where they will be more useful

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