honest and pro answers please , emergency!?

i got an nvidia geforce verto 256mb ddr3, i paid $149.00, and i saw another model a little behind this one, its the nvidia verto 512mb ddr2 for $80.00, i have until tomorrow to return the first i talk in here, what should i do? if i return it the one i bought the one with 256mb and change it to the 512mb ddr2 i got like $60 back, i need advice about the performance. please

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    1 decade ago
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    id return it ,mainly because the ddr3 ram might sound nice but games nowadays are programmed mainly for the ddr2 they dont take advantage of the ddr3 just like the mob i just recently built my 4th system, it is the asus formula special edition mob it only supports ddr2 and the deluxe has ddr3 support but costs way more i run q6600 go/ati 512s crossfire /4 gig corsair/2x150 raptors/and crysis is maxed out with zero lag and i checked frames rates before buying my build and the ddr3 gives no advantage whatsoever,anyhow hope this helps you out,,,cho

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  • 1 decade ago

    The more memory on the video card the faster your PC will render the images on your monitor. If you are going to play 3D games. Got with the 512 MB minimum.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly you won't notice the difference between the two. I would get the cheaper one grab the 60 bucks.. and if you play games.. I'd grab a nice game to go along with that card


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