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anyone have any ideas?

i have a 3 month old pit...and he's pretty skinny...i feed him 3x a day.and give him vitamins and stuff like that.any ideas on how i can get him to gain some meat on his bones?

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    It will take him a while to fill out. At 3 months, he will be thin. Once he hits 6-8 months, he'll begin to noticeably fill out. Unless the vet says he's underweight, he's probably right where he should be. Make sure you're feeding a high quality protein-rich food (I recommend Timberwolf, and Merrick) and be sure he gets adequate physical activity. Exercise and high quality feed is key to building and maintaining muscle mass.

    Source(s): Proud owner of 3 Pit Bulls
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    It is still a puppy and it is very active just feed it the amount on the bag of food and give him the vitamins as it slows down the weight will start to put on ask your vet when it goes back for the next set of shots if he feels it is under weight

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    Puppies are often skinny. They grow up then they grow out. My 11 month old pup looks like he never eats, but he has no parasites and eats non stop. Once he's grown up he will get muscle.

    Until then just make sure he's on a high quality puppy food and he will be just fine.

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    Make sure you are feeding a good dog food and that the dog has been checked for internal parasites. If the dog is in good health and the food you are feeding is of a good quality protein intended for puppies, I would just give it time to grow up.

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    Your Pit is only 12 weeks old... he is a puppy. As he grows he will fill out accordingly. Do not overfeed him, you will only be putting him in danger of health issues down the road. Let his little body grow at its own pace.

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    Um, he's 3 months old. He's a BABY!

    Pit Bulls do NOT need to be fat, or "beefy", they're a naturally lean breed.

    He will fill out at he gets older.

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    Take your puppy to the vet if the vet says he is ok then just let him grow up. He will fill out once he gets older.

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    some large breed of dogs don't actually start to balk up until after the age of 1. If the dog looks and acts healthy than it should be ok.

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    what food is he eating? It could be the food quality. Also, I wouldn't reccomend the vitamins, if his food is a balanced puppy food he should be getting all he needs. You can actually give too many vitamins, and that can interfere with proper food absoption. -Neb

  • Talk to the vet, I had the same problem with my GSD. The vet said she was not digesting her food and it was just going straight thru her. I changed food, problem solved. Good Luck!

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