I just got charged with underage consumption. What'll happen in court?

I live in Ohio and 2 days ago I was charged with underage consumption. What will happen in court? I saw that it could be up to $1000 fine and 6 months in court.. jesus I hope not. My record has previously been clean, could that influence the judge's decision? Any insight is appreciated.

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    I don't live in OH, and don't know the laws, but that seems like a really harsh punishment. I was charged with underage consupmtion when I was 18, and my fine was like $100, and I was required to take an alcohol class. There was no jail time, and no probation. ( I live in GA) But, it will really depend on the judge, and if OH has first offender laws, maybe you could plee first offender, and they usually only make you pay the fine.

    Good Luck!! !

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    Well, you already know the maximum! That is the worst that that charge could bring.

    Now for the good news, most courts will not go to the maximum penalty for a 1st offense ... unless you were driving while intoxicated, then look for the maximum penalty available.

    You really should wait until you are old enough to drink legally. The problems you could cause yourself by underage drinking are just not worth the buzz alcohol will give you. That 6 month jail term would be a major buzz killer, wouldn't it??

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    If you are a good kid, you will probably just get a fine and probation. You might also get some sort of community service. Do really, really well in school between now and your court day, go to school everyday, dont get into any trouble at home or in public and keep your nose clean. Dont stress about the 6 months...very doubtful.

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    In most cases like these the judge will suspend the sentence, keeping the file open for a while to make sure you don't get into any more trouble. He or she may sentence you to some light community service. Jail or fines are really rare.

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  • John T
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    1 decade ago

    You should have an attorney. Do not try to settle this without an attorney. Every judge and every jurisdiction is different, but you attorney should be able to give you a good idea about what will happen in your case.

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    1 decade ago

    Get yourself a lawyer. If you are clean, you probably will get a PBJ and have to do community service. If you stay clean, during the PBJ period, then it most likely will be tossed (no jail time). If you screw up, then you will go to jail.

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    well im 13 i got 102 hr coumunity service and 200 dollar fine im still doing the worrk and that was last november ago

    Source(s): good luck in court dont back talk and try to say yes sir or no sir or revers. hope you get off easy like me
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