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what is the most important thing you know about this characters from American History?

- John Smith

- John Rolfe

- William Penn

- Nat Turner

-Henry David Thoreau

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

- William Lloyd Garrison

-Frederick Douglas

- Charles Goodyear

- Elias Howe

-Harriet Tubman

-Jefferson Davis

- John Brown

i know you think this is alot but trust me it isnt i have had to answer 250 questions and these are just the ones that i cant please help if you can i will give ten points to the most helpful one..thanks in advance!


i mean like in one sentence

Update 2:

one sentence about each of them

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    - John Smith -- invented the Mormon church

    - John Rolfe -- invented the massage technique known as "Rolfing"

    - William Penn -- Magician, works with Edward Teller

    - Nat Turner -- Tina's ex-husband

    -Henry David Thoreau -- Invented the freeway, also called "Thoreauways" in his honor.

    - Ralph Waldo Emerson -- Was in a rock band with Max Lake and Peanut Palmer

    - William Lloyd Garrison -- Played by Kevin Costner in "JFK," he tried Clay SHaw for conspiracy in the assassination of Kennedy

    -Frederick Douglas -- a New York lawyer who gave it up to run a farm; this was immortalized in the documentary television series "Green Acres."

    - Charles Goodyear -- Built a blimp so he could see better at the Super Bowl

    - Elias Howe -- Poet who rhymed "now" with "cow"

    -Harriet Tubman -- invented the washtub

    -Jefferson Davis -- Tennis player; the Davis Cup is named for him

    - John Brown -- Discovered the color that happens when you mix red, blue, yellow and black, named it after himself

    JK, btw.

    Use the WIkipedia for quick and easy answers.

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  • 4 years ago

    john smith helped establish jamestown hogn rolfe was more political in establishing jamestown- tobacco william penn established most of pennsylvania, was a quaker nat turner- something about a revolution right? thoreau was a naturalist, lived only off nature, walden emerson followed thoreau, same idea garrison? frederick douglas? goodyear blimp howe- robberbaron i think tubman- underground railroad ??

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  • 1 decade ago

    Joseph Smith founded the mormon church NOT john smith.

    John smith was early colonist in Virginia, he was saved by Pocahontas from beheading by her father.

    Edit: oh --didn't read far enough. very funny.

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