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Zelda Four Swords?

Is there any difference between the Four Swords that comes with A Link To the Past on gba, to the one on gamecube? (Four Swords Adventures)

I'm trying to get the whole Zelda collection but I dont want to buy the Gamecube version if it is the same as the GBA one.

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    Yes. Storyline wise, Four Swords (GBA) came before Four Swords Adventure (Gamecube) (You only have to watch the opening to know its way different. In Four Swords Vaati breaks the seal himself and kidnaps Zelda, but in Four Swords Adventure you release him yourself to try to stop a shadow clone who kidnapped Zelda and six other girls)

    Four Swords Adventure does require the gamecube, but once you have that you've got everything you need, while Four Swords for GBA requires that you have: 4 copies of the game. Four people. and three link cables.

    Four Swords Adventure will require some special cables and GBA/SPs if you want to do multiplayer, but it also lets you play through the game on a single palyer mode that lets you control all four Links at once.

    Buying a gamecube for one game sounds a little... odd, though. But if youre collecting all the Zelda games I think its fair to tell you that Wind Waker is for the game cube too.

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    Its the same exact game. Just ported to the different machines.

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