How hard would it be to fly a light plane, like a cessna 172?

I've always wanted to fly,( small not commercial).

How difficult is training for a small plane such as the cessna 172?

This isn't something i am planning on doing soon but hopefully before i die.(Be kinda hard to learn if i am dead.)

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    It really depends upon the student as to how hard it is to learn to fly. I would suggest that you go to your local flight school and take and intro. lesson. It lasts for about an hour and will give you a good gauge if this is something that you want to pursue.

    You can find a local school as well as print out a certificate for the intro flight here:

  • If you call driving a car easy, then flying a Cessna 172 would be pretty much the same except the control column (Steering wheel on the plane) also controls the ups and downs. However since the aircraft is a lightweight aircraft it becomes unstable due to gentle winds but is something you don't need to worry about. Also when you are moving the control, you might need to use a little extra strength because the controls don't run on hydraulics.

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    How To Fly A Cessna

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    Flying is not hard. Almost anyone can learn to do it. A lot of the training is mental and done on the ground, like learning your regs, airspaces, ATC communications and procedures, etc. But not hard. You learn to fly like anything else you learn: One step at a time. If you do decide to take flight training, I would offer one piece of advice - have all your money needed for training saved before you begin. If you run out of money in the middle of your training, it will cost you more when you resume to cover refresher flights for lessons you have already completed. Someone above said you could get a private license for about $4,000, but I think that is a low estimate. Plan for somewhere between 5-8 grand. It will depend alot on what flight school you go to, how much aircraft rental and instructor fees are, as well as your own proficiency, but it will be somewhere in that range. If you want to see what it is like before committing a lot of time and money, go to your local airport and take a discovery or orientation flight. An instructor will take you for a ride and let you take the controls to see if this is something you would like to do. Happy flying.

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    Every once in a while I have a fit & take a demo flight in a cessna or a sailplane.

    Might try it & see if you like it.

    Some nerves first time , but w/ an instructor beside( or behind) you it is a blast..

    They give a couple of hours in the classroom.

    You preflight the aircraft, take off , fly around for about an hour & land ( hard part for me).about $150

    Stick time in sailplanes is a little iffy & cheaper, about $ 40

    Landing is left to the instructor.

    Cost of flight training is too much for me, so the occaisonal flight does it for me..

    Best regards

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    It's very easy like driving a car. Only the thing is to concentrate on your Visul Flight Rules. If this you want to try this at home than you better download Filght Gear9 from from this you will get an idea of flying the plane like Take Off Speed, making final, making Approch & Landings in different types of Visual Coditions.

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    Learning to fly is not real difficult. Most student pilots solo within 10 to 15 hours of training with an instructor.

    You must have a 3rd class medical certificate , 20 hours dual instruction and 20 hours solo flying plus pass a written exam and acheck ride with an FAA approved flight examiner.

    Moneywise at the present est $4000.00

    Learning to fly requires one to learn some basic skills, lots of procedures and sticking to itness. (not quitting)

    Source(s): myself 600 hour private pilot
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    It's easy! I'm 15 and I have 23 hours in a cessna. It's not hard, it's just expensive. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me!

  • There is a reason the 172 is one of the most popular trainer

    there is.

    Its ease in learning to fly.

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    No hard actually.

    The hardest part is learning all the requirements, regualtions, weather, flight planning that is required to operate that aircraft safely. The actual flying is as easy as driving a car.

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