Which NBA game to get on PS3?

Hey guys, i need some help. I want to get a basketball game for PS3. Which one would you guys recommend? NBA Live 08, NBA 2k8 or should i wait and get NBA 08? Thanks in advance

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    NBA 2k8 has the great reviews, although the NBA Live 08 online experience is great and the game has less problems and better AI and graphics than 2k8. NBA 08 already came out and is considered better than NBA Live 08. I would buy NBA Live 08 or NBA 08. The two are great games and I have played both.

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    I found that NBA 2K8 is a better choice:


    NBA Live 08 dominates NBA 2K8 in the graphics department. EA has finally gotten the players to move smoothly and as fluid as I would expect from a next-generation title. NBA 2K8 was simply way off with their choppy animations and the players have an unrealistic feel to their looks.


    The sound is about equal in both titles. NBA 2K8 has really great crowd noises which help put you in the element, and EA has more fluid announcing. Marv Albert is far past his days of biting hookers in hotel roomsand continues to be a great announcer for basketball games.


    Both games have improved this year, but I would give the advantage to NBA 2K8. The ball dribbling is far more realistic than it is in NBA Live. The low post game which is my style still needs drastic improvement from both franchises.

    Replay Value

    The titles are close to equal in this department, but I would still give an edge to NBA 2K8. Online leagues are really what make 2K8 a more exciting game to play. If you plan to play offline, the games are about the same.

    And The Winner Is

    NBA 2K8 is the better game, but not by much. I am still surprised that we have yet to see a really great basketball game in the next generation. Maybe next year, we will have better luck. NBA 2K8 made all the changes necessary to make it a better game than 2K7 and NBA Live simply did not. They are both pretty close in all categories, but 2K8 is simply a more enjoyable game considering the changes made from the previous years. I’m patiently waiting for the day one of the major companies released a basketball game that hits the spot. So far, we have never really been able to experience a realistic basketball video game. Perhaps we never will, but I can only hope.

    Source(s): Quote taken directly from: http://news.filefront.com/nba-live-08-vs-nba-2k8/
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    nba live i think is best

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