Breast feeding or bottle feeding?

I havent decided if i want to breast feed or bottle feed yet. i heard breast feeding is the best , but i also heard that it hurts.

I was thinking i could pump breast milk and bottle feed using breast milk. But then I hear that pumping hurts too. Another thing is that i will be working after I give birth to My baby. Should I Just Use Formula???

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    I breastfed my daughter... Breastfeeding did not hurt. I know that some women have complications durring breast feeding.. Talk to your ob/gyn have him/her look at your breasts I would think that he/she would be able to tell you if you are going to have problems with your nipples... I also pumped my breast milk and that did not hurt either... If it were me I would breast feed for as long as you possibly can, it is not only better for your baby but, it will also help you lose your left over pregnancy weight.. Formula is not as good for your baby as breastmilk...

    Ulitimately it is your decision... Lots of women work and still breastfeed their babies.

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    Breastfeeding is easier than bottle feeding for a number of reasons: you don't have to wash bottles, prepare formula, worry about your water supply, run out of formula, you always have the baby's food with you and ready to go, you can nurse while laying down, it burns 500 calories a day, your uterus contracts faster, you can nurse wherever and whenever. Plus breastfeeding is by far the better choice for you and your baby. The health benefits to you and your baby are numerous. If breastfeeding is hurting you then the baby is probably latched on wrong, you could have thrush, or another problem. Almost anything that is causing pain can easily be remedied. I recommend you attend your local La Leche League meetings before the baby is born to get lots of good, accurate information and you can ask as many questions as you want. Another thing to consider in this world of uncertainty, what happens if your house is flooded, burned down, or some other catastrophe? If you are breastfeeding your baby will get fed no matter what.

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    As always a touchy subject.... Keep in mind that everyone has their own opinion. My daughter was born 14 weeks premature and spent 90 days in the NICU so at that time I felt the ONLY thing I could do for my baby was provide her with breastmilk. I pumped neuroticly for the 3 months she was in the NICU then for nearly 2 months after she came home before it got to be too hard. Honestly, if my daughter had not been born early I would not have breastfed. Either way is fine - but just keep in mind that breast feeding is best and despite what they may say formula makers cannot duplicate breast milk. If you hve the time and supply I would highly recommend breast feeding. Otherwise - do no let anyone make you feel guilty for not!

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    If it hurts, you don't have the baby in the right position and you need to move her around a bit. After the first few weeks you will be an expert!

    I've never experienced pain while pumping, but again, if you do, just re-adjust the postition.

    Don't choose bottle feeding because breastfeeding might hurt. Giving birth hurts and you're still going to do that!

    Source(s): Breastfed three children (so far!)
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    People like tell you it hurts it could hurt them when they were breastfeeding their children. But I breastfeed my youngest son since I couldn;t with my first. It didn't hurt me or anything and was wonderful experience. I went to work has well. I work in a daycare and he was there. I breastfeed him before I left and at time I bring him home with me on my lunch break then feed him at home after work. But I also pumped when I didn't take him home with me for my lunch break. I was also giving him formula because my breast milk didn't feel it up because I was catching up with him. I had emergnacy surgery that I could breastfeed but just did pumping. I did both and it work out great..

  • Breast feeding may help you lose the baby weight faster.

    Approximately 500 Calories per day, which adds up to a pound of weight per week, are lost through breastfeeding.

    Evidence supports health benefits of breast milk for babies, including better ability to fight off illnesses as an infant and possibly fewer allergic and gut problems as a child AND as an adult. There is a reason the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be breast fed for at least the first 6 months of their lives!

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    When I was pregnant I said I would only breastfeed because it was the healthiest and natural thing to do. However, my daughter and I didn't cooperate well when the time actually came. Both of us didn't seem to have the patience. I pumped for about 1 1/2 months and supplemented formula. I got so sick of this though because I was so busy and always having to try and find a place to pump. I then decided to switch to formula.

    People kinda gave me crap about how I shouldn't be doing that and made me feel guilty for not giving her breast milk. I hated it and it made me feel like an awful mother.

    My daughter is 3 months old now and is so healthy and growing just perfectly fine! People make you feel like your abusing your kid by giving them formula but it is very healthy and very close to breast milk nowadays. I suggest giving breastfeeding a try. If it's right for you and your baby then you'll know. But, don't feel bad about switching to formula. Although I still wish I could've breastfed, it just didn't work out for us and that's the reality of our situation. It will be very hard to pump when you return to work, but people do do it. I hope people don't treat you badly for whatever choice you make. Your baby will be healthy whatever you choose.

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    Breastfeeding doesn't hurt as long as you do it properly. You and your baby will learn proper latch technique from the lactation consultant at your hospital and you can call La Leche League for help as well. Check out for info and to find a LLL meeting near you. I have been breastfeeding off and on for 8 years now (clearly with 3 different children). My youngest is nearing 2 years old now and still does it. She has a mouth full of teeth and that doesn't hurt either. I know people say that, but it's not true. Give breastfeeding a try and see what you think. The first six weeks are the most important. If after six weeks you still hate it, go to the bottle. But it's definitely worth giving it that much of a shot. Good luck!

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    Every woman has different experiences breast feeding. I had trouble with my nipples cracking and bleeding (tmi). So I only ended up breastfeeding for 3 months. I am pregnant again and planning on diong it with the baby I am pregnant with now. If I do better this time then good, if not well I tried.Either way dont feel bad about the decision you make.

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    brest feeding is the best, it only hurts if you do it wrong and it only hurts to pump if you do it wrong, breast feeding helps you lose weight and makes your baby a lot more healthier, you could go to a breastfeeding class or when you have the baby the nursis will help you and can teach you what to do besides reading all the baby books and stuff will help to. I'm not against formula but formula bays might tend to be sicker and git bigger quiker, and some make them cranky. it is your desion but I'm sure you'll make the best one for you and your baby good luck, I brestfed and their are some downsides but it could just be me but I would take the benifits over the bad effects.

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