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What are some thing to do in Hamburg Germany?

I am going to Hamburg in the next couple of weeks, and I need some fun things to do there. I am 17, by the way.


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    When I went we walked the water area and the old Ports used in the 19th century.

    I also went to the Zoo they had and just walked all over the city stopping to see what ever caught my fancy.

    You can go to clubs at your age but only to Midnight and yes drink too but only certain alcohols, you will have to ask a local as to what you can and cannot drink in a public place for alcohol.

    You will find that it is a wonderful city and I am sure you will have fun. Try to speak German as best you can and do not be afraid to approach people and meet them. That is how I made all my friends there and I have over 20+ now in Germany over the last 18+ years.

    Have fun.

    Well Pinata I was unaware that the law had changed, i have not been back since 2006 and plan to go this year but i am well over age. When did they start the law in effect and is it in all provinces? And 18 is still far younger than the USA! HENCE I am only INCORRCT as of recent, you can not deny that was the law and way before this correct? SO it would be more proper to say Wulf is inaccurate, the law changed that is the way it used to be I was not wrong, the law only changed!!

    Source(s): Shihan
  • Maresa
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    "Miniatur Wunderland". It's a big - very big - model train landscape you can watch in Speicherstadt, a part of Hamburg. It sounds not really interesting, but it is. They designed several landscapes - Hamburg, the USA, Switzerland, Scandinavia - with many little things to see. First, I thought it would be boring, but in the end I didn't want to leave it ;-)

    What's also fun - and in a way a must-do - is a shipping tour in the harbour or on the river Elbe, that's really worth to see.

  • 5 years ago

    You could visit "Miniatur Wunderland" a museum with model railways going through many different landscapes and even though it may sound boring, it absolutely isn't. The Dungeon also is fun. You learn something about the city's history and if you're not too scared, it's pretty funny. But there are only limited tours in english if you speak german it's easier. A tour around the port also is great or you visit the city hall or Michel.

  • pinata
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Wulff is wrong since 01/01/2008 no alcohol and no smoking under 18.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    pinata\heinz is wrong. it is still allowed to drink beer if you are 16. but you can buy spirituous beverages not until you are 18. Maybe pinata confused the issue: advertising for cigarettes and alcoholic drinks before 6pm is banned in cinemas since 01\2008.

    for more information see wulfs anwer, i like these.

    i apologize for my worse english. i just want to let you know, that you can have fun in german bars! cheers!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hamburg is a fun place: night life: Reeperbahn red light district, Schanze, St Georg gay district


    Theaters: Lion King, Udo Juergens, Dirty Dancing and 60 more theaters + opera, + music hall,+ color line arena


  • Mimi
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    chek the "Miniaturwunderland", and the "Dungeon" (same Biulding) in the `Speicherstadt` - , easy to find, and a thrill!!!!

    Source(s): been there, wanna go again!!!
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