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Has Yahoo Answers changed your opinion on global warming?

Have you read any link provided here or learned any facts here that changed your thinking?

If so, what did you learn? What is the link? Did you become less worried about global warming or more worried about it?

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    I had been under the impression that 'everybody' was concerned about global warming, Until I started to use yahoo answers. I am shocked at not only the number of deniers but also at the level of argument that is a used. A snow fall in Baghdad prompted about 8 'questions' that used that fact to disprove a theory that countless scientists have spent, collectively, decades researching.

    The "goddamn, I am gonna drive to the mall in my hummer" type of scientist has convinced me that they desperately need to be educated. Though several years of schooling does not seem to of helped in most cases.

    I am now more worried about global warming and the threat to our way of life and the species around us than I ever was. There are so many links that I have learnt so much from that I can not post them all here.

    My awareness of global warming was formed by my way of life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've become more worried about global warming because I see some people are stubborn.

    First, they say global warming is "just" a theory. Well, so is evolution and gravity. Shall we debate those? Theories are extremely well-developed, testable hypotheses which have been analyzed over and over and have not been proved wrong. Theories are NOT facts, but they are much, much more than "educated guesses."

    Second, even if we were to (wrongly) say that most scientists were unsure of whether global warming is real, we have WAY more to lose by not acting than by acting. If we act and it's real, we've saved lives and the environment. If we act and it's not real, we've lost some money (oh noes!!!). If we DON'T act, and it IS real, then we're screwed. If we DON'T act, and it's not real, we're fine.

    So would you pick a lottery ticket where you had a 50/50 chance to lose some money or live, or would you pick one where you had a 50/50 chance of dying a horrible death or living?

    And finally (third), there's not much (if any) debate whether global warming is real or not. The debate is whether it's accelerated by humans. And I'd say that more than 9 out of every 10 REAL scientists (not paid off by Bush, Exxon, or the like) say that global warming is definitely accelerated by humans.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If Yahoo removed all the categories where people offer opinions, this would be a pretty empty site! I think amending the classification to 'global climate change,' and amending 'green living' to 'sustainable living' would be appropriate changes. Yahoo has a multitude of problems with the site, amongst which is erratic management of violations and the fact that the 'top ten' in various categories hasn't been updated in months, maybe a year. So I doubt they're in the mood to start futzing with it as you say. As far as land managers are concerned, GCC is one of the top issues facing the environment today. For that reason, and the fact that the category is one of the most, if not the most, active under the general Environment heading, I believe the category should remain with the amendments recommended above.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It has changed my opinion of skeptics, and confirmed my trust in AGW theory.

    I came here undecided- I was trying to be "green", but was not really convinced it would make any difference. I thought that there were many skeptics with scientific proof that it was not as bad as first thought- and as such didn't put too much by what was being said in the news.

    But then I came here, and soon realized that the skepticism was mostly conspiracy theory ,political stereotyping and name calling.

    I also noted that the long, well sourced, intelligently thought through answers came from those who accepted AGW. That was the final convincing factor for me.

    Since then I have done alot more personal research, I always follow links provided by both sides - and have no doubts at all.

    I wouldn't say I have become more worried about it- but I do think we need to take alot more personal action - and I have changed my behaviors and attitudes.

    Source(s): Me - with access to the University of Warwick's library, as well as several Atmospheric scientists.
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  • 1 decade ago

    It hasn't changed my opinion, but I have learned quite a bit, mostly from Trevor. The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that global warming is a problem caused by humans, which is more of a threat than most people think, and which we're running out of time to solve. The more scientific evidence I see, the more clear this becomes.

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  • Bob
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    1 decade ago

    Great question, stated objectively. Starred.

    I've learned a ton here, from researching the arguments of the skeptics.

    This site is really excellent. Solid, unbiased science from experts, backed up with data and references.

    I also didn't actually read any of the full IPCC reports (not the summaries) until I started doing this. They're extraordinarily impressive, well written, with mind boggling backup data. Pick any Chapter, and see for yourself.

    I didn't become more or less worried, but I became more convinced of the certainty that this is real, and mostly caused by us. I like the Admiral Truly quote, because it represents my own experience.

    "I wasn’t convinced by a person or any interest group—it was the data that got me. I was utterly convinced of this connection between the burning of fossil fuels and climate change. And I was convinced that if we didn’t do something about this, we would be in deep trouble.”

    Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, USN (Ret.)

    Former NASA Administrator, Shuttle Astronaut

    BEN O - Got a reference for that slur? Former Marine Commandant Zinni also signed the report. Make the claim that he'd lie about something like this for budget reasons, and you'll have some angry Marines to deal with. They're both retired and have no reason to lie.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It affirms my belief that there are a lot of stupid people in the world that believe disinformation campaigns (take the time to fully read it and look at who they are talking about and how many of these same people are pushing global warming.)

    the soviets have been running with the help of the greens "active measures" campaigns for many years.

    global warming is just another of those campaigns.

    it is all about wreaking the economy and industrial capacity

    of the western nations.

    if you read the above link you will find that the green are at it again.

    why do you think that of all the industrial country in the world that are blamed for causing global warming Russia is not one of them. after the end of the cold war Russia went to the other type of warfare they knew. "active measures""war by other means"

    after Ronald Reagan hit them with the fact that they could never keep up with the US in military, industrial, or scientific base. they found they could not keep fighting the cold war.

    the only thing left was to try to deindustrialize and destabilize the US and wreak the economy in the US.

    to do this they fell back on there network of radical liberal greens that they had been "using" for years.

    the same green that are anti nuke power, anti war, treehuggers,

    now it is blame the west for a natural cycle of warming of the earth the same as happened during the medieval warm period

    except now they are using the chicken little "the sky is falling"

    propaganda that it is man caused global warming.

    this can be seen in the facts that the global warming people can not show why this warming would be bad.

    plus they have only come up with stupid unworkable ways to stop global warming.

    hydrogen, ethanol from corn, solar panels, bio fuels

    wind power, yes we "might" be able to power our homes and drive our cars with them.

    but we will not be able to run our industries with them.

    you can not make steel with them.

    you can not run heavy industry with them.

    just what Russia and china wants.

    and you will note that under the treaties on global warming so far Russia and China are for the most part untouched in there industrial sector

    they can go on with pumping out CO2.

    under the treaties so far "no communist country"(yes Russia is still a communist country they have never renounced Communism they just changed the style.just like china did.)will be forced to do any thing to change there CO2 output.








    If we went to a global warming economy and china stopped all imports without warning. the US would crash big time.

    PS as it is now china is becoming rich off us.

    and will become richer as most of the solar panels we buy come from there factories most of the wind turbines are built there

    and to build this global warming economy they will become even richer.

    untill they decide they no longer need our money.

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  • Ben O
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it's given me an insight into how believers think. They don't need to count to 'know' that the frequency of hurricanes is increasing. They don't need to check a graph to 'know' that the rate of warming is increasing. They don't need to see any policies to know that politicians believe in AGW. And they know that only certain types of scientists count in a consensus. They also know that everything is going to be worse than the worse case and any experimental data that doesn't support AGW must be inaccurate.

    I didn't know all that before.


    Bob your mind works in strange ways. You may be the one and only person in this forum who isn't a little cynical about Vce Admiral Truly asking for more heavy armour to fight the consequences of global warming.

    I don't think he goes to environmental group meetings in his spare time, do you?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm worried about the fact that there are a lot of people in denial about AGW.

    The vast majority of scientists know that it's not only real, but that at least a substantial proportion is being caused by humans. To chose to to nothing when we know better will make us look like the greatest generation of "sinners" in the eyes of our children.

    • Shark
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      6 years agoReport

      show me the rising waterlevels and the record temperatures

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  • Shark
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    6 years ago

    no - I already know it's a massive HOAX

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